Tribal languages are common dialects spoken by the Zion factions.


Joshua Graham explains that tribals speak languages from a place he calls "Res" mixed with languages from people who were vacationing in Utah.[1] Founded by the survivors of the Great War, they were meant to be a common tongue for the tourists who spoke English, Dutch, German and Spanish. After 200 years of isolation the tribes have appeared to develop new forms of speaking their languages. While it is difficult to understand them, even if one does speak English, Dutch, German and Spanish, some people have learned to speak the languages such as Joshua Graham, Follows-Chalk, Daniel, and Salt-Upon-Wounds. The Dead Horses speak a combination of English, Dutch and German. The Sorrows speak a combination of English and Spanish. While the White Legs speak a combination of all four.


Tribal languages appear in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


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