Zion Ranger station

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The Zion Ranger Station is a location in Zion Canyon. It is located to the northwest of Cueva Guarache.


As soon as you enter the building, geckos and bark scorpions will attack. There is a gun case behind the sofa on the immediate right of the entrance, containing a weapon and ammunition. On the left side of the entrance there is a Milsurp Review magazine, behind the knocked down chair. Along the right wall is a fridge with some alcohol. There are also two crates towards the back containing some random items, including ammunition.

In the backroom are two footlockers: one with random junk and one (locked, Average) containing a weapon, ammunition, and a couple of aid items.On the side of the room with the dresser, just on the other side back in a corner, is an ammunition box. On the table is the medical supply kit for the Tourist Trap quest. However, it is contaminated. With 35 Medicine, you can sterilize it with one drink of alcohol from the fridge mentioned above. Otherwise, you can take what's there, salvage it, or leave it. Across from the table by the bunk bed is a duffle bag.

On the roof is a lawn chair with a skeleton sprawled in front of it. There is a tomahawk stuck in the skeleton's back, some .45 casings, a box of large pistol primer, and some pistol powder next to the chair. To access the station's roof, jump from the cliff on the north side of the building.

Notable loot


  • There are three teddy bears above the fireplace, two of them are wearing hats.


Zion Ranger Station appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

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