The Zapp's Neon Signs terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from Zapp's Neon Signs in Fallout: New Vegas.

Foreman's terminalEdit

The terminal has to be hacked (easy).

Welcome textEdit


McMurry's Neon Sign Designs

Factory Foreman Station

Shipping Invoice #0812Edit


Invoice Number: 6682-0812

Company: Evert's Building & Garden Supplies
Contact: Scott Evert

Quantity: 3
Frame Dimensions: 365.76 x 348.52 x 61.45
Interior Lights: 26
Exterior Lights: 14

Description: Single sided sign: red and white colors: sans-serif typeface. Top line read's "Evert's on a red background: large typeface. Lines two and three read "Building & Garden" On a white background: medium typeface: all caps. Line four reads "Supplies" on a red background: small typeface: all caps.

Shipping Invoice #1542Edit


Invoice Number: 6682-1542

Company: Kingman's BBQ
Contact: Felixx Weaver

Quantity: 4
Frame Dimensions: 6580.23 x 237.64 x 62.35
Interior Lights: 38
Exterior Lights: 23

Description: Double sided sign: black, brown and white colors: sans-serif typeface. Top line reads "Kingman's" on a black background: small typeface: all caps. Vertically below read "BBQ" on a brown background: large typeface: all caps. White arrow border.

Accident Report LogEdit


Incident: Broken glass

Kevin dropped one of the glass tubes today while forming it. He ended up with a nasty cut on his hand from the broken glass. Fortunately no one else was hurt. I bandaged his hand and had him clean it up before sending him home. One more accident like that and I may have to let him go. Kid's too accident prone.

Incident elevator

One of the elevators to the upper loading dock broke again. Unfortunately Johnathan was inside waiting to unload and the sudden stop caused one of the signs to slip off its pallet and break his leg. He'll be out for at least a month while it heals.