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You are now addicted to X-Cell.

X-cell addiction is a form of addiction which can occur in Fallout 4.

X-cell have a 35% chance of causing addiction. It lasts for 1 week. When addicted, it causes a -1 penalty to all SPECIAL attributes.

Becoming addicted to X-cells can be beneficial with particular character builds. A character focused on the Junkie's; Legendary perk can receive +165% damage increase with 11 addictions. With the addition of Xcell addiction it can add a temporary boost of a 12th addiction for the in game duration of about 1 week. Due to the Junkie perk benefiting from withdrawal effect duration which lasts 1 week.

As long as the player collects Special Stat related bobble heads the player will suffer no penalty from including this drug into their list of addictions to boost the legendary effect, but only this drug. When considering this type of build; special stats must be considered after the total negative effects of the withdrawals of the other 11 drugs. It is up to the player to plan accordingly to get whatever effects they are looking for in their character.