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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.

Dialogue for Security systems level 1 terminal in the Sierra Army Depot.


{100}{}{A computer terminal.}
{101}{}{The screen saver is active.}
{102}{}{You are unable to read what's on the monitor.}
{103}{}{Skynet Security Systems
                                           Intruder Level 1
                                                 Activating Counter Measures Level 1
                             Counter Measures - Stopped Transmitting
                       Activating Automated Repair Systems}
{104}{}{Skynet Security Systems
                                           Intruder Level 1
                                                 Activating Counter Measures Level 1
                       Attempting to reroute power to field generators}
{105}{}{Skynet Security Systems
                                          Intruder Level 1
                                              Activating Counter Measures Level 1}
{106}{}{Terminate Alarm Level 1 - False Alarm}
{107}{}{[You notice a key on the keyboard labeled "Help"]. Press Key.}
{108}{}{Hack into security systems}
{110}{}{Arg! [You slam your fist into the keyboard in frustration]}
{112}{}{Skynet Security Systems
                                          Intruders Detected - Outside Perimeter
                      Automated Repairs Initiated
                                   Main Door - Malfunction
                                                    Main Door reports locking bolts still in place
                   Returning to power save mode}
{113}{}{Activate Alarm System Level 1}
{114}{}{Run self-diagnostic program.}
{116}{}{Arg! [You slam your fist into the keyboard in frustration]}
{118}{}{Skynet Security Systems
                                         Access to this terminal is denied.}
{122}{}{Error 29
                                                            Unable to contact server
                                          Please reboot}
{125}{}{Analyzing Command Please Wait..
                                                            Terminating Alarm Systems Level 1}
{126}{}{[With security as shoddy as this, it's no wonder they blew themselves up.] Exit}
{127}{}{[A menu appears]
                                                  To Deactivate Alarm Press - 1
                                    For Diagnostic check Press - 2
                                  To Exit Press - 3}
{128}{}{Press 1}
{129}{}{Press 2}
{130}{}{Press 3}
{131}{}{Warning! This program works best if you shut down all programs. Do you wish to do so now?}
{135}{}{Shutting down all programs
                                 Shutting down Skynet Security Program - Level 1
       Last time system was diagnosed Oct. 15 1990
       Analyzing System...
                                            Estimated time to completion 99:24:60:60}
{136}{}{[You don't think this is going to be done any time soon.] Exit.}
{137}{}{Access Denied
                                                Access Denied
                                                Jzaedd Denied
                                                      Quada Adjfjef
                                                Access Granted
                                                Terminating Alarm Systems Level 1}
{139}{}{Unauthorized Access
                                           Initiating Security Lockout of remote terminal
                 User Access to this Terminal is TERMINATED}
{200}{}{Computer in diagnostic mode. Please wait until diagnostic routine is finished.}

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