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Worry Worry Worry is a song performed by The Three Suns. It can be heard on Diamond City Radio in Fallout 4.


Worry worry worry, love is passing me by.
Worry worry worry, I'm so painfully shy.
Other guys get all the kisses (why am I the one who misses?),
Worry worry worry, woe is me.

Baby baby baby, I'm a fool about love,
Maybe maybe I should go to school about love.
When it comes to getting chummy (I'll admit I'm quite a dummy),
Worry worry worry, woe is me.

I found out that I'm the worrying kind,
I'll go worrying right along.
Life is fine, but with a worrying mind,
(So many things can go wrong)

Worry worry worry, should I hold her so tight?
Worry worry worry, am I kissing her right?
She said, "Joe, it's you I'll marry."
I'm not Joe, my name is Harry!
Worry, worry, worry, woe is me.


Worry Worry Worry - The Three Suns - Fallout 4 Soundtrack02:36

Worry Worry Worry - The Three Suns - Fallout 4 Soundtrack

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