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Gametitle-FNV HH
Gametitle-FNV HH

A workbench crate is a storage container in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts that is always located next to a workbench.


Each crate contains random loot determined by two checks against a random loot table. Each check results in one of 25 different items or item sets, which mostly include crafting ingredients and drained Energy Weapons ammunition, but also all skill books that do not improve combat skills. The random loot of this container is the only source of additional skill books in Honest Hearts.


Closest map markerLocation description
Angel cave fnvhhGametitle-FNV HHTo the right of Joshua Graham.
Cueva Guarache fnvhhGametitle-FNV HHIn the Survivalist's room.
Fallen Rock cave fnvhhGametitle-FNV HHIn the same room as the Compliance Regulator.
Stone Bones cave fnvhhGametitle-FNV HHIn the same room as the Desert Ranger combat armor.


Two checks of:

4% chance of creating a
4% chance of 2 checks of one of:
Chances for a variable amount of drained ammunition (except for the last entry, every unit of drained ammunition has a 25% chance to not appear at all):
Chances for all other items:
Chance to get nothing whatsoever from a single check:
  • 18.22%

Below are some useful approximate chances derived from the information above (may contain errors):

  • 3.32%: Empty crate
  • 84.64%: No skill books
  • 7.92%: Two or more skill books
  • 0.16%: Four skill books
  • 9.79%: One or more copies of Big Book of Science
  • 2.11%: One or more copies of a specific skill book other than Big Book of Science along with any other skill book
  • 0.36%: Two or more copies of Big Book of Science
  • 0.20%: Two or more copies of a specific skill book other than Big Book of Science
  • 0.0015%: Four separate, specific skill books
  • 0.0000666%: Four copies of one specific skill book


  • Workbench crates use the metal box model from Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Chances for all items are taken from the GECK.
  • Entering a cave containing a workbench crate for the first time permanently sets its content, which is irreversible without loading a save game prior to entering the specific cave or using the console, selecting it, and typing resetinventory.

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