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They're hateful savages who live only to plunder and destroy.


The White Legs are a tribe in Zion Valley in 2281.


The White Legs are a tribe operating mainly in the area surrounding Salt Lake City and parts of Nevada under the order of the Caesar's Legion. They are hostile to all who are not White Legs or Caesar's Legion, and are also known for scalping their enemies. They are a nomadic tribe, having never developed self-sufficiency, and survive only by raiding caravans, settlements and other tribes for food, medicine, and technology.

The White Legs are composed overwhelmingly of very light-skinned individuals of Caucasian descent, and tribe members cover their bodies in a chalk-like white powder as war paint. They have a unique dreadlocked hair style, as well as white-and-red war paint covering their faces. The dreadlock style of hair originates from the White Legs' worship of Ulysses, who taught them most of their combat skills amongst other things.

The White Legs use a variety of weapons; mainly simple, home-made melee weapons such as mantis gauntlets, Shishkebabs, tomahawks, and fire bombs, but have recently taken to using "storm drums" raided from an armory near Spanish Fork. They can also be found with very high-end weapons such as grenade launchers, brush guns, riot shotguns, anti-materiel rifles, 12.7mm submachine guns, and their favored .45 Auto submachine guns at higher levels. They are often accompanied by Legion mongrels.

Like most tribes in the region, they speak a pidgin language.


Like many other tribes, the White Legs are the descendants of the survivors of the Great War. Living around Great Salt Lake, their ancestors were not sealed in a Vault or turned into ghouls.

The White Legs used to raid northeast of a small town called Caliente and on Highway 93 some time before 2271. When the Ranger Unification Treaty was signed and the Desert Rangers moved from Highway 98 to NCR territory, the White Legs were given the entire stretches of the Long 15 to raid. To keep the NCR, whom they saw as a threat, from ever returning to the area, the White legs burned the bridges over the Virgin River, thus blocking the NCR's access to the Long 15 via that route.

By 2277, the White Legs had heard of Caesar's Legion. Viewing Caesar, and somewhat Lanius, as gods, the White Legs would petition to join the legion. This would, however, join them in the politics of the Mojave Wasteland and thus roll them in to the NCR-Legion War. After his defeat at the First Battle of Hoover Dam, Caesar would take notice of the White Legs and would agree to let them join the Legion on the term that they kill all of the New Canaanites. Caesar would, however, truly do this only out of the hope that the White legs would manage to kill Joshua Graham as well.

To aid them with this task, Caesar would send Ulysses, a courier and Frumentarius, to aid them. Ulysses would help them break in to the Spanish Fork and get the weapons they called "storm-drums" and trained them in their use. They would proceed to use these weapons to ravage large portions of Utah, wiping out tribes such as the Tar Walkers and Crazy Horns in the process, and go on to sack New Canaan. Their savagery at the attack included burning the Temple and salting the earth as well as massacring the numbers of the New Canaanites. The White-Legs would very quickly learn, however, that at least a small quarter of the new Canaanites still survived and had fled to the Zion Canyon.

Chasing them there, the White Legs would be opposed by the Sorrows and the Dead Horses, rallied by Joshua Graham against Caesar. The Dead Horses and the White Legs are just about powerful enough to prevent one tribe from becoming dominant over the other, but the arrival of the Courier in the region finally tips the balance of power.


  • If Daniel dies, the White Legs soon overrun Zion and drive the Sorrows and Dead Horses from the Valley. The White Legs plunder all of the pre-War buildings the Sorrows had marked off-limits, their squalor an affront to Zion's natural beauty. By year's end, little trace remains that the Sorrows had ever made the valley their home.
  • If the White Legs drive the Sorrows from Zion, they celebrate by destroying all traces of the valley's former inhabitants. They appeal to the Legion for assimilation, but are denied. Their failure to eradicate the New Canaanites in Grand Staircase and farther up the Colorado does not go unnoticed. The White Legs make a half-hearted effort to find the New Canaanites, but are driven off by Dead Horses trained in the ways of Joshua Graham. The White Legs lose all hope of joining the Legion and disintegrate into a number of petty raiding bands, leaving Zion Valley a polluted cistern.
  • If the Courier and Joshua Graham lead a Dead Horse and Sorrows attack against them, the White Legs are demoralized and retreat to Great Salt Lake. Their days are numbered. Word soon reaches the 80s tribe that the White Legs' spirit was broken, their war chief a dim shadow of his former self. By year's end, the 80s overrun the White Legs' camps, scattering the tribe to the winds and claiming the Great Salt Lake for its own.
  • Joshua Graham's chilling execution of Salt-Upon-Wounds is seared into their minds, the surviving White Legs retreat to the Great Salt Lake. Unable to shake the memory of their brutal defeat and the Dead Horses' savagery in battle, the White Legs fear further reprisals. They flee north, out of Utah, into Wyoming. The wilderness is harsh, and the first winter claims over half the tribe. When spring comes, the survivors part ways in small bands. And so the White Legs die a quiet, ignominious death.
  • If they are defeated at Three Marys, and their war chief dies, the White Legs are determined to pursue the other New Canaanites. But when they finally track down their prey in Colorado, they discover the tables have been turned. The White Legs who survive the New Canaanites' ambushes are hunted down by Dead Horses before they can reach the safety of the Great Salt Lake. When word of the White Legs' diminished numbers reaches the 80s tribe, war is declared, and by year's end, the White Legs have been wiped out.



After the war the tourists and inhabitants of Res formed their own language. It was English mixed with languages spoken by the other tourists and inhabitants.


White Legs warbands are composed of 4 different types of warriors, each specializing in a different aspect of combat.

Relations with the outside

Due to their hostility, the White Legs have little to no relations with any of the tribes of Zion. Their relations with the outside resemble that of the Powder Gangers, who also have little to no relations with the outside. Since they are an independent part of the Caesar's Legion wanting to be assimilated, they maintain excellent relationship with them and supplied by them with equipment and Legion mongrels. However this does not mean they will recognize allies of Caesar's legion and they attack any outsiders on sight regardless of their affiliation.


Their weaponry is very advanced due to their raid of an armory near Spanish Fork and because they receive supplies from Caesar's Legion. This is evidenced by their use of automatic weapons, long range rifles, different types of explosives, and fuel powered weapons. This gives an advantage over tribes such as the Sorrows' primitive weaponry.


  • Though the White Legs want to be assimilated by Caesar's Legion, many of White Leg warriors are women. This indicates that they don't know what they're signing up for, similar to the Great Khans. Caesar was also known to betray his allies: the Twisted Hairs formed an alliance with Caesar to serve as his army's scouts in Arizona. Once the Arizona wastes were pacified, the Legion stripped their tribal identity and forced them into slavery. Those who resisted were crucified along the remains of I-40.
  • The White Legs differ from most other tribes in the sense that they want to be assimilated by Caesar's Legion, most tribes are forcibly absorbed into Caesar's Legion or they, along with the rest of their culture die.
  • According to Joshua, the signature weapons of the White Legs are their "storm drums," the .45 Auto submachine gun. As such, they are significantly better armed than the two other tribes at Zion. Most of the Dead Horses favor war clubs as their weapon, the Sorrows only use yao guai gauntlets as their weapon.
  • Their dreadlocked hair is actually not a hairstyle, but rather a unique non-player character-only headwear that cannot be used by the player without console commands.
  • They are very silent killers. If the player is traveling along Zion's roads, they're likely to get ambushed. They usually hide behind trees and sneak along the bushes.
  • Completing the Crush the White Legs quest will completely remove the White Legs faction from the game. They will no longer appear in Zion Valley, and cannot even be spawned using console commands.
  • A few survivors can be found after the quest Flight from Zion.


The White Legs appear only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Honest Hearts. They are mentioned by Ulysses in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Lonesome Road.

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