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The White House in Washington, D.C. used to be the official residence of the President of the United States, but it apparently sustained a direct hit when the bombs fell. After the Great War, all that is left in its place is a giant, highly radioactive crater. The only entities left here are some ferocious glowing ones.


The way to the White House is to exit the Penn. Ave Northwest station in Pennsylvania Avenue, go up the stairs, and proceed straight until you reach the building to the north (White House Plaza). A manhole cover on the sidewalk at the southwest corner of the building leading to utility will be visible. This manhole connects to the White House bunker.

Notable lootEdit

  • 3 mini nukes - at the top of the stairs, located left of the entrance
  • Fat Man - next to the 3 mini nukes.
  • A copy of Pugilism Illustrated - in the utility tunnel on a table near a workbench in the southeast corner of the local map.


  • This area is quite radioactive (6-7 rads/second), so taking Rad-X before going through the door out of the utility tunnel is advised. This is the door to "Pennsylvania Avenue."
  • If the player has a follower, they may get to the Fat Man first and take it, creating a potentially lethal risk as followers don't take the splash radius of the attack into account, making for dangerous fighting.
  • It is possible for the 2 skeletons placed with the 3 mini nukes and 2 RadAways to glitch and knock the items either under or out of the map so they become unattainable.


The White House appears only in Fallout 3.

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