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While Cass is a companion, she and the player gain Damage Threshold when they drink Whiskey. Additionally, the player does not suffer intelligence loss from consuming alcohol and ignores the negative effects of alcohol addiction.

Whiskey Rose is a companion perk in Fallout: New Vegas. It is given to the Courier whenever Rose of Sharon Cassidy is a companion.


The Whiskey Rose perk allows the Courier to consume alcoholic beverages without suffering any negative effects, including penalties due to addiction. Additionally, consuming whiskey will raise the their DT by 2 to 6 points and consuming wasteland tequila will raise it DT by 3 to 9 points, all based on the Courier's Survival skill.


  • This perk does not remove the possibility of gaining alcohol addiction, but merely negates its penalties. The duration of the addiction remains unchanged. Losing Cass as a companion will apply the penaltiess if the Courier is currently suffering from alcohol addiction.
  • Consuming irradiated whiskey or Dixon's whiskey does not provide an increase in DT while this perk is active.
  • Despite the fact that large wasteland tequila is very similar to wasteland tequila, it does not get a special DT bonus from this perk, though it naturally has a DT bonus of 2 to 6.
  • The DT bonuses from all related liquor (whiskey, large wasteland tequila, and wasteland tequila) are stackable, and can provide anywhere from 7 to 21 extra DT when consumed all at once.

Behind the scenesEdit

The original idea for this perk was that it would allow carrying more water items, along with receiving a healing bonus from its consumption. This was then changed to become more valuable as a companion game mechanic, and to also reinforce Cass's hard-drinking personality.[1]


  1. Interview with Chris Avellone

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