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For an overview of whet stone that appear in the Fallout series of games, see whet stone.

The whet stone is an item in Fallout 3.

Sharing the same aesthetic appearance as a paperweight, it would normally be used to sharpen knives and cutting tools, but in the game its only use is as Rock-It Launcher ammunition.


Map Location Description
Scrapyard 1 by the Scrapyard office.
Vault 101 1 on a shelf during your escape from the Vault.
Vault 101 1 can be found at this random-encounter location west of Vault 101
A rare wood chipper and a mini nuke can also be found in this location.
Deathclaw Sanctuary 1 in southeastern corner.
Marguerite's Shack Outside in a fridge without door, on the north side of the shack.
Merchants Traders like Moira Brown and Lucky Harith may very rarely carry them in stock.


The whet stone is very rare, found only in a few locations around the Capital Wasteland.