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Wheaton armory is a pre-War military armory located in what used to be Wheaton, Maryland, which is east of the Scrapyard, consisting of an underground bunker and a bombed-out office building across from it. A number of raiders have occupied the building and the armory compound, including a raider armed with a missile launcher. The ruined office building has four stories. The second story can be accessed by climbing a slab of concrete and there are stairs to the third and fourth story.


The bunker's entrance leads to a small room filled with radiation, ranging from 1-2 rads per second. It then opens to a silo room that allows you to go down through three floors. The bottom floor is a hatch for a missile launch. The missile's payload must have been damaged in some way, thereby flooding the area with radiation. A nearby bomb explosion may have caused this damage, evident by the appearance of the office building. At the bottom of the stairwell there is a turret guarding the armory. The armory door is locked with a Very Hard lock, or the door terminal can be hacked with a Science skill of 100. Other than the armory, a radio, a few lockers, and some old computing equipment can be found in the bunker. Due to some parts of the bunker being moderately irradiated, Rad-X and RadAway are recommended while inside the building.

Notable lootEdit


  • On the road just outside of the north gate is an Outcast patrol spawn point.
  • After the conclusion of The Waters of Life quest, an Enclave patrol will also appear near the north gate.
  • The radiation can get up to around 14 rads/sec at the bottom of the bunker without using Rad-X or radiation-resistant apparel.
    • There is no radiation behind the "Very Hard" locked door in the back of the room.
  • At the south-west end of the fourth story of the bombed out office building, behind the door after climbing the stairs, there is a cache of ammunition boxes and a first aid box.
  • Opening the "Very Hard" door will set off an alarm and open the door to a room with loot. Nothing else will happen apart from this.


The Wheaton armory appears only in Fallout 3.


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