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This is a transcript for dialogue with Saint James.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Happy 10 {Player in combat} Yeah! Fight! Fight! 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {unstable} Why you talking to me, man? I'm trying to relax here, got it? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {unstable, issues with women} When I talk to a girl, I start the conversation! And I didn't start no conversation with you. 3
GREETING Neutral 50 {unstable} We got to go through this again? What's it about this time? 4
VCasaStJamesAboutStJames What do you do around here? Neutral 50 {saying the minimum, guarded} Me and Dermot work salvage around New Vegas. 5
VCasaStJamesCoyotes Some people have gone missing, and they were last seen dealing with you. Fear 20 {irritated} I don't know a thing about no missing refugees from that Aerotech camp. Go cry to somebody else. 6
VCasaStJamesLedger I found this ledger in Dermot's room. Neutral 50 You got his book? {shouting for Dermot as you attack player} Dermot, this bastard got your book! He got your book! 7
I found this ledger in Dermot's room. Neutral 50 You got his book? Dermot, this {shouting for Dermot as you attack player} bitch got your book! She got your book! 8
VCasaStJamesTeddyBear Look what I found in your room. <Show him the teddy bear.> Neutral 50 {unstable, bungling your lies} What you doing stealing my stuff? That ain't even mine. I mean it's mine, but it's private. Give it back! 9
Neutral 50 Hell, don't give it back! I don't care. {coming up with a good lie} Just found it when we was working salvage and thought I'd save it to give to some kid if one came by. 10
VFreeformCasaMadrid1ESaintJamesTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Yeah, fuck off. 11
VFreeformCasaMadrid1ESaintJamesTopic001 I didn't mention Aerotech. Neutral 50 {bungling your lie} Yeah, well, I must've heard rumors, and, uh... {losing patience} fuck you! You got nothing on me and Dermot. 12
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideSaintJamesTopic000 Tell me about Dermot, your partner. Neutral 50 {unstable and not especially bright} What do you even mean? He's Dermot. 13
Neutral 50 Dermot knows how to work salvage than any man I ever met. Doesn't go asking questions all day, neither. 14
VFreeformCasaMadridWestsideSaintJamesTopic001 I hear you spend most of your caps on Sweetie. Neutral 50 That's private. I don't go asking about how you like to get laid, and I don't wanna know. Enough of that. 15

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Fuck off. 16