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West Everett, another town swallowed up by the super mutants.


The West Everett Estates is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287, located north from downtown Boston across the Charles River.


West Everett Estates is a suburb made up of a few single-family homes. The place is similar to The House of Tomorrow in Sanctuary Hills but some houses appear to be unfinished by the time of the war. Wayne Tournquist, one of the survivors, has established a survivalist bunker to house his two children, himself and his wife, Bonnie, and has also established a source of clean water, but Bonnie did not appear.

The community in the suburb fortified itself after Lance and Leon Ames, brothers who were residents in the area, arrived after a week of trekking back to their homes. According to terminals and holotapes in the area, Wayne helped in fortifying the place and Leon managed to hotwire some vehicles for usage.

However, Leon unwittingly revealed the location of their walled-up base to a rough group of men when scouting with his brother. Soon after, the settlement was taken over by the raiders; Lance was killed trying to resist and Leon joined the raiders in fright. Wayne evacuated his children and escaped.

When the Sole Survivor arrives at West Everett Estates, a group of fierce super mutants led by Hammer have taken control of the town. The corpses of the raiders that previously controlled the town are littered throughout the settlement.

According to Hammer's holotape, he had a raider teach him how to control the spotlights, turrets and how to use a voice recording machine. However, he accidentally killed the raider while he was fixing the recorder for him. In his holotape, Hammer requests Fist to send reinforcements so they can further loot the area. He also mentions that the basement bunker belonging to Wayne has a lot of loot.


West Everett Estates has several destroyed buildings, though most of them are still accessible. Raider corpses are sprawled out over the area, with a concentration found near a cooking station. The leader, Hammer, resides in one of the ruins. It also houses a backyard bunker, which is the source of the separated family radio signal created by Wayne. Bonnie's holotape can also be found in Mass Bay medical center near the MRI machine. Bonnie's entries talk about her two sons and husband who she is unsure if they survived the fallout as she is holed up in the hospital helping people. The father believes she is still at the hospital, but could not spend time to search for her as the community he has helped build is now depending on him to survive.

Notable lootEdit


  • According to Lance's terminal, the location had its barricades set up in December, 2077 with Wayne's help. However, according to Wayne's record, Wayne did not meet Lance until January, 2078, and the wall got set up only a few days before April 3, 2078.
  • There are several toxic barrels right next to the spawn point from fast traveling.


The West Everett Estates appears only in Fallout 4.


  • pcIcon pc ps4Icon ps4 xboxoneIcon xboxone Where the human would normally speak in Hammer's holotape, there is no sound.[verified]
  • pcIcon pc It is possible the raiders will spawn after clearing out the super mutants as well as the brother attacking. This can cause the game to freeze.[verified]
  • Hammer's corpse vanishes and one might miss it. It becomes visible again just for one second after exiting the bunker. The Sole Survivor can loot the spot where the corpse is supposed to be no matter what.[verification overdue][platforms tag needed]


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