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For the condition in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, see Well Rested.

You had a great sleep, and feel alert and invigorated! +10% XP earned for a limited time.

Well Rested is a temporary perk in Fallout 4. It lasts 12 in-game hours, and is obtained by sleeping in any unowned bed.


Sleeping in any bed, not owned by an NPC or settler. In Fallout 4, the Sole Survivor no longer "owns" beds, like in Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas, as there is no purchased property, with exception to the apartment in Diamond City. Any bed not marked for trespassing will work (in the code, it is actually marked for stealing). Rented rooms always work, and beds built by the Sole Survivor in settlements work if no settler has been assigned. Assigning a settler to a bed will prevent the Sole Survivor from using it, as it is now owned. Beds throughout the Commonwealth may or may not work, depending on whether they are flagged for 'stealing.'


  • +10% XP for a limited time 12 in-game hours.


  • If sleeping while in the company of a companion with whom the Sole Survivor is in a romantic relationship, instead of the Well Rested perk the player will receive the Lover's Embrace temporary perk, which increases XP earned by 15%.
  • Fast-traveling jumps the in-game time forward by an amount that depends on the distance traveled, up to a little over 14 hours from the farthest corners, which would negate the well rested bonus. However, sleeping in an unowned bed somewhere safe and near your actual target before setting out is advised if you want to get the maximum amount of experience out of your adventures, as shorter distance fast travels take only several hours of game time (4 hours from Oberland Station to Goodneighbor for instance).
    • The Sole Survivor can mitigate the traveling time by using the Institute as a jumping platform as it only takes 1-game-minute to teleport to and from the Institute.
    • pcIcon pc Reducing the game timescale using console commands reduces fast travel time as well as game time.
  • Sleeping in an unowned bed in a safe location (within 12 game hours) before turning in the quest to the quest giver will grant the Sole Survivor more XP.
  • It is possible to sleep for zero hours by canceling the sleep as soon as the background goes black without time passing. The bonus lasts for twelve hours from the time of waking up, regardless of the time spent sleeping.
  • Sleeping before the perk has run out causes the perk to be refreshed for another 12 in-game hours.


pcIcon pc Sometimes both the Lover's Embrace and the Well Rested bonus are given, adding up to a total of +25% experience while they last. Once the 12 hours are over, both perks expire with no known side effects.[verified]

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