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Gametitle-FO4 NW

Welcome Center terminal entries are entries found on several terminals within the Welcome Center in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Welcome Center terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (Tm) Termlink
Safari Adventure Welcome Center


SA-Memo 051577Edit


SA-Memo 051577
From: Guest Relations Department

This month, Safari Adventure will be continuing to host school field trips to our park. Due to the unfortunate accident and subsequent clean-up after last month's escape in the Big Cats area, we're asking that all school groups be accompanied by a minimum of one adult chaperone per six children. In addition, please ensure that all guests fill out a full death and dismemberment liability wavier. Any questions can be directed to the Guest Relations Department.

SA-Memo 082077Edit


SA-Memo 082077
From: Security Department

We're continuing to have security issues with the misguided and radical "A.F.A.D." ("Animal Friends and Defenders") group. These individuals can be visually identified by their animal masks, various animal tattoos and on occasion, full animal suits. If you spot any of these individuals, do NOT attempt to approach. Contact the security office or activate the nearest Protectron pod.

SA-Memo 091577Edit


SA-Memo 091577
From: John-Caleb Bradberton

Any and all deliveries that are received and marked "Project Cobalt" should be forwareded to the Secure Beverageer Laboratory at the Nuka-World Bottling Plant. These items are not for employee use. Any employee that opens these deliveries without authorization will have their employment terminated immediately.

SA-Memo 102377Edit


SA-Memo 102377
From: Security Department

Due to the recent security breach by the A.F.A.D. Group at the Cloning Facility, a CODE GRIZZLY has been initiated. Please refer any visitors or requests about the facility directly to Mr. Bradberton's Office. In addition, the Angry Anaconda Construction Site is now off-limits to anyone other than security personnel. The coaster's superstructure has been determined to be dangerously unstable and we wish to avoid personal injury to any of our employees.

Employee's only terminalEdit


Prompt: Security Status: CODE GRIZZLY
Terminal on lockdown.
Potential breach of security systems.
Valid override code required.

Ransom noteEdit


ATTENTION Mr. Bradberton
(Or one of his lackeys.)
We have tried doing this the nice way and you haven't played along. You even went so far as to ban us from your parks.

Well, sir, this is a free country despite what you corporate fat cats think. AFAD is gonna show you you don't have the control you thought your money buys you.

We have your top scientist Dr. Hein held hostage right where you plan to build your precious Angry Anaconda. Come alone, and we can discuss the terms of his release. Bring the police, and you lose your star employee.

Make the right choice Mr. Bradberton.

Facility Security LevelsEdit


Facility Security Levels

Due to the recent rash of security breaches in Safari Adventure, we've redifined the security levels at this facility:

CODE CHINCHILLA: Normal Operations, no security measures in effect

CODE ORANGUTAN: Light security protocols have been initiated

CODE DINGO: Medium security protocols have been initiated

CODE GRIZZLY: Full security lock-down has been initiated

Lab Status: CODE GRIZZLYEdit



This facility is in full security lock-down. The laboratory can only be accessed by Dr. Hein, Dr. McDermot, and Mr. Bradberton. Any attempt to breach the facility will be met with lethal force. Contact L.B. Shelton at the security office for details.

Dr. Hein's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Nuka-Gen Employee Access Only

No Unread Messages, Dr. Hein

Journal Entry 10-23-2077Edit


Journal Entry 10-23-2077

It's about 1am, and I've just received a strange message via phone that I'm needed at the Angry Anaconda Construction Site to assist with an escaped animal that's been injured. I swear, those security guys need to be more careful with our specimens. Last time this happened, not only did one of the escaped buffalo end up with a broken leg, but the other died when security had the wrong dosage in the tranquilizer darts. I'll report my findings in my next entry.

Journal Entry 09-19-2077Edit


Journal Entry 09-19-2077

I've had my third request for a budget increase denied due to resources being diverted to this "Project Cobalt" I am hearing so much about. I hope Bradberton realizes that Safari Adventure isn't just an amusement park, it's also home to several hundred living and breathing environmental requirements. I've asked for more information on Project Cobalt, but I am continually met with denials. For all the trouble it's worth, this project better produce something big.

Journal Entry 06-02-2077Edit


Journal Entry 06-02-2077

Thanks to Dr. McDermot's help, I've been able to isolate the segmentation issues I've been having with PB041. The Polar Bears on the last segment kept coming out of the Nuka-Gen Replicator inside out and then exploding. I assume this was due to an incorrect sequence, but I've never seen such a violent reaction from a specimen before. It was actually a rather spectacular result, strictly from a scientific point of view.

Journal Entry 02-27-2077Edit


Journal Entry 02-27-2077

Those damn A.F.A.D. idiots are at it again. It's only been a few weeks since they vandalized my Corvega by filling it with manure, and the Security Department assured me that would be the last time they were allowed anywhere near Nuka-World. However, I arrived at the facility today to find "Stop the torture!" painted across the security door. I don't know why these morons think we're torturing animals. Anything that we need to dispose of in the laboratory is dealt with in a swift and rather humane manner.

Journal Entry 01-01-2077Edit


Journal Entry 01-01-2077

I think I drank a little too much last night when ringing in the New Year. Woke up right next to the Nuka-Gen Replicator's main terminal and a program was running. It looks like I was trying to sequence an anteater with sixteen giraffe-type legs, scales, four eyes and two tails. Amusingly, even in my inebriated state, I've created a fairly viable specimen sequence that could possibly work. I don't think the animal would live very long, but my scientific curiosity says I should give it a try. I'll have to consult Dr. McDermot.

Dr. McDermot's terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Nuka-Gen Employee Access Only

No Unread Messages, Dr. McDermot

Journal Entry XX-32-999 (Date Out of Range)Edit


Journal Entry XX-32-999 (Date Out of Range)

My attempts at creating the Gatorclaw continue. I have the correct samples of Jackson Chameleon and American Alligator in the mix, but keep Sample Q334 stable continues to elude me. If I intend to create a guardian creature for Safari Adventure, it has to be able to listen to and comprehend my commands. I was hoping the brain cells from Q334 would do the trick, but I've seen failure after failure. I hesitate to throw the switch and see what happens. What if I can't control it? What if it ends up attracting more attention to the park? I think I'll check the sequence a few more times just to be sure.

Journal Entry XX-21-999 (Date Out of Range)Edit


Journal Entry XX-21-999 (Date Out of Range)

While foraging for food and supplies today, I stumbled across the remains of an astonishing biological specimen. It was humanoid in appearance, but much larger. It had greenish-colored skin and roughly human features. It appeared to be wearing clothing, and had been recently killed by what looked like bullet wounds. After dragging it back to the laboratory, I began an extensive examination. My conclusion was that this was the genetic mutation of a human. I can only hope that whatever caused this remarkable mutation can be extracted and used for my own experimentation. I'm entering it into the record at Sample Q334.

Journal Entry XX-17-999 (Date Out of Range)Edit


Journal Entry XX-17-999 (Date Out of Range)

One of the two backup reactors for the laboratory died today. That leaves a single generator to run the facility's power. If that last reactor goes down, I may have to consider destroying the Nuka-Gen Replicator and abandoning the laboratory. Even though I could have already done this a long time ago, I realize that this machine could possibly be the last of its kind on earth. Meaning, this could be mankind's only hope for repopulating the earth with animals and returning the ecosystem to normal once conditions on the surface are suitable for habitation.

Journal Entry XX-09-999 (Date Out of Range)Edit


Journal Entry XX-09-999 (Date Out of Range)

How long has it been since the bombs fell and transformed me into this withered-up husk of a man? I can't even remember how much time has passed. I've started talking to myself aloud now. I think this loneliness is finally getting to me. I haven't seen a friendly human in such a long time, I've almost forgotten what it's like. Trying to concentrate on work is getting more and more difficult. Maybe it would be better if I ended it all now. But then I ask myself who would protect this laboratory from those that would seek to misuse its gifts. I suppose I have no choice.

Journal Entry XX-02-999 (Date Out of Range)Edit


It's been decades now and my metamorphosis continues. My body is changing... adapting to the radioactive fallout in the air. Instead of my organs shutting down and my life being slowly drained away, my body is fighting back. My skin has thickened and become heavily wrinkled as if it's attempting to resist the radiation rather than allow it to penetrate my body. Rather than be horrified by the changes, I've decided to study them... to learn more about the effect this is having on the human body. Perhaps I'll use the data from these studies to find a cure one day, but for now, I'm just happy to be alive.

Nuka-Gen replication machine terminalEdit


System Status: Active
Program Running: McDermot987GC114 "Gatorclaw"

Disable Current Replication ProcedureEdit


Procedure McDermot987GC114 "Gatorclaw" terminated.

Please input new command.

Resume Queued Replication ProcedureEdit


Procedure Hein442GZ012 "Gazelle" Resumed.

Incubation Commencing.

Disable Current Replication ProcedureEdit


ERROR: Procedure Hein442GZ012 "Gazelle" In Progress

Please wait until Incubation is complete before selecting a new command.

Program HistoryEdit



McDermot987GC114, Codename: "Gatorclaw"

Subject has survived the incubation period, but appears to be in a highly-volatile and aggressive state. Infusion of command recognition patterns appears impossible. Recommend termination of subject and re-sequencing after study period in isolation. Sample Q334 continues to be unstable and unpredictable.



McDermot987GC109, Codename: None

Subject failed to survive the incubation period. Cellular breakdown occurred within one hour of sequencing. Sample remitted to incinerator. Next attempt will adjust formula mixture from Sample Q334.



McDermot987GC099, Codename: None

Subject survived incubation period but exhibited extreme levels of ionizing radiation. The contamination makes the subject too dangerous for command recognition patterns. Sample remitted to incinerator. Next attempt will adjust formula mixture from Sample Q334 and will provide better shielding for the segmentation chamber.


Remote Door ControlEdit


Remote Door Control Interface
STATUS: Locked/Unlocked

Unlock DoorEdit


Unlocking Door....

> Accessing door...

Lock DoorEdit


Locking door...

> Initializing Door...



Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink

Security Door ControlEdit


MaxLock Security Door Control Interface
STATUS: Locked/Unlocked

Close DoorEdit


Initializing Maglocks...

Security lock engaged. Sealing doors...

Open DoorEdit


Accessing Maglocks...

Security lock released. Opening doors...

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