The weapons emporium is a constructible settlement item featured in Fallout 4.


The weapons emporium is the top tier weapons shop built using the workshop. There are 2 versions of the weapons emporium.

The metal outdoor stand with front shutters has an overhead sign with a picture of 3 bullets painted on and "weapons" written underneath. The second version is the store counter with "weapons" written across the front left hand side in yellow capitals with two rows of backless shelves on the right hand side, consisting of 2 shelves to a row. The weapons emporium has the widest range of goods available of the three weapons stores.

A settler must be assigned to the weapons emporium for it to function as a shop and increase settlement happiness.


Bottlecap (3000)
Steel (3)
Wood (5)
rangeIcon range
Local Leader: Rank 2
levelIcon level
Weapons emporium (1)


Ronnie Shaw can be assigned to the weapons emporium to upgrade it to a level 4 shop. She will by default become a level 3 vendor in the Castle armory after the quest Old Guns, but will not produce caps for the settlement unless assigned to a weapons emporium.

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