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We are done is a holodisk in Fallout 4.


Located in the BADTFL regional office's evidence locker.



Captain Widmark: Detective Valentine. Nick. Listen... I'm sorry.

Captain Widmark: You've got every right to be upset, but you need to believe me when I tell you I had no idea. Operation Winter's End was my baby.

Captain Widmark: I believed in it. I still believe in it. They kept us all in the dark, me included. I got briefed this afternoon, and they laid it all out.

Captain Widmark: The whole thing. Winter's deal with the DA. His agreement to bring down the other families.

Captain Widmark: His idea to record the holotapes and incriminate all known associates.

Captain Widmark: And them needing a legitimate op, and a real task force, to make it all look like Winter was the focus.

Captain Widmark: It was the plan all along, Nick. There's nothing we can do. Winter was a stoolie for the feds. He reported directly to the BADTFL. All on the books.

Captain Widmark: For his cooperation, Winter will be granted total immunity. It's over.

Captain Widmark: Effective immediately, Operation Winter's End is to cease all investigations and operations. The task force is hereby disbanded.

Captain Widmark: We played our part, pal. Not the part we thought, but hey. It happens. Now we're just another box in the file room.

Captain Widmark: Nick, listen to me. Everything that's happened. With Winter. With... Jenny. It's more than any one man should have to handle. You need help.

Captain Widmark: Boston PD has been working with the eggheads at C.I.T. Some new program they have to deal with trauma. Scanning brainwaves or some such.

Captain Widmark: I'll get you the info. You're going. That's an order.

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