Wayne Tournquist was an inhabitant of the suburb of West Everett Estates before, during and after the Great War. He has left several terminal entries and he is mentioned in his wife's holotape.


Little is known of Wayne before the war, other than that he was an employee at the Med-Tek Research facility in Malden. Given that he put a code into the director's terminal, he might have been a computer technician. Prior to the war Wayne had a plan in place for his family to escape to their backyard bunker. His first log was written three days after the Great War and his last was written almost six months later, in April 2078.

On the day of the Great War the director of the Med-Tek facility got advance warning of the attack, with Wayne getting that message as well due to him hacking the director's terminal and having all the messages sent to his terminal as well. With the advance warning, Wayne was able to leave the facility before it went into lockdown and head to the school to pick up his sons, Michael and David, from Malden Middle School. The boy were told to hide and not follow everyone into Vault 75, where the rest of the staff and students were taking shelter. Why they decided to build their own bunker and not go to Vault 75 is unknown, as the family would have been offered residence in the vault and the families weren't separated until after they entered; it is possible Wayne may have had some knowledge of the vault's experiment, through working at Med-Tek, or didn't trust Vault-Tec.

Together they managed to get back to their house, where they hid in the family's prepared fallout shelter. Wayne's wife, Bonnie, a nurse at Mass Bay Medical Center did not make it home with them. Wayne and the two boys stayed in the bunker for almost three months, during which Wayne heard scattered radio reports of fighting within Boston and hoped his wife would make it home. Having stayed for three months, Wayne ventured out of the bunker and managed to get water from a nearby water tank. At this point, Wayne reports the sounds of gun fire and explosions coming from Boston. Scouring through his neighbors' houses, he was surprised and held at gunpoint by their neighbor Ron, who prepared to kill Wayne. Before he could, Ron was shot by another neighbor, Lance Ames.

Together with Lance and his brother Leon, who had made it all the way from New York City with their families in a three month trek, Wayne began fortifying the neighborhood. By April 2078 things were going well.[1] It would not last long. The neighborhood was attacked by a gang (possible earliest form of raiders) and Lance Ames was shot, while Wayne got his sons out of there.[2]


Wayne's logs and his wife's holotape indicate that much of Boston and its inhabitants survived the initial nuclear exchange, as did elements of the military, as gun fire and explosions where reported by Wayne up to three months after the Great War.


Wayne Tournquist is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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