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Wattz Electronics
Company data
industryElectronics, power, energy weapons
productsC-U model Motion detector
C-Radz model Geiger counter
Small energy cells
Electronic lock pick
Electronic lock pick Mk II
Play-It-For-Me tape recorder
Wattz Electronics holodisk tape
Model 2043B radio communicator
Farmer's Best Friend model cattle prod
Wattz 1000 laser pistol
Wattz 2000 laser rifle
Wattz electrobox generator
countryUnited States

Wattz Electronics was a prominent corporation before the War, and manufactured many types of electrical/electronic products that are still utilized even after the Great War.


Wattz products actually usable in Fallout 1, 2 & New Vegas include:

Some of these may receive non-factory upgrades:

Additional items that can be seen include:

Wattz electrobox generator

Behind the scenesEdit

Wattz is based on large pre-WWII companies like Westinghouse, General Electric, and RCA. Of course, the "watt" is a standard unit of power named for scientist James Watt, inventor of the reciprocal motion steam engine.

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