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The wastewater treatment plant terminal entries are a series of terminal entries in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. The Manager's terminal can be found in the offices area of the wastewater treatment plant.

Manager's terminalEdit

Email to City TreasurerEdit


Commander Devlin,

I apologize for e-mailing you again, but I still haven't received a response to my previous seven e-mails. Once again, we DESPERATELY need more funding to improve safety protocols at the water treatment plant. Current protocols are absolutely appalling, and I don't even want to think about the consequences of a failure on the local water supply.

Specialist Alan Rothchild

Reply from City TreasurerEdit


Listen here you pinko Commie-eyed puke, I got your lily-livered defeatest e-mails. I ignored them because they made me THROW UP IN MY MOUTH! Do you understand we're fighting a war here?! Against the REDS? And the only thing standing between you and hot atomic Armageddon is ME and my base full of GIANT NUCLEAR MISSILES? Answer me this, Specialist Buttinski: if the American people are overrun by Kremlin Joe and his Chicom cronies, what good will clean drinking water be?

Commander Devlin

Jackie's computerEdit

Jackie's computer can be found in a toppled building between the wastewater treatment plant and Waste disposal station.


My Computer



Swear to God, if I lose one more night of sleep over these noises I am going to strangle somebody. "Knocking pipes" my ass - do these slumlords think it's easy running the safety protocols for an entire ICBM launch complex on two hours sleep? It's a goddamn miracle nobody's started World War III over a low-flying titmouse.



Fantastic. Now there's earthquakes. Earthquakes! Sure, Commander Devlin says they're minor ones and nothing to worry about, but come on. EARTHQUAKES. Did no one think to check fault lines before they built a massive UNDERGROUND MISSILE COMPLEX?

Your tax dollars at work, folks. Swear to God, when my term's up I'm moving to Canada.

Earthquakes Part 2Edit


"Minor and nothing to worry about." If that last quake wasn't a 5.0 at least, I'm Dean Domino. That's it, I'm requesting a transfer before the whole plaudsfg099io8u8ioi yti xciokghpt8i9io