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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with the Vault Dweller, a wasteland stranger in Carbon.

Atomic Diner, introductionEdit


I could smell the Brotherhood of Steel from across the room. Are you a paladin? No... not yet. You still have to develop the pompous attitude.

Who are you, old man?
Have you seen any Brotherhood soldiers around here?
Tell me about the raiders in this area.
Know anything about radscorpions, old man?
What can you tell me about that crater at the edge of town?
I don't like your tone, old man.
Speaking of pompous attitude... good bye.

What's on your mind, kid?

Who are you, anyway? What's your name?
Have you seen any Brotherhood soldiers around here?
Tell me about the raiders in this area.
Know anything about radscorpions, old man?
What can you tell me about that crater at the edge of town?
There were mutants working with the raiders
Do you know anything about a ghoul city in this region?
Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Bye.
Can I get those directions to the ghoul city? I'm ready to leave town now.

I'm just an old wanderer. But you... too tough for the vaults, too big for the city, where food is hard to get. I'd say you're a farm boy... joined the Brotherhood because rats killed your family... or something worse?

Mention my family again and you're gonna lose some teeth, old man.
I don't want to talk about it. Let's change the subject...
None of your business. I'm leaving.

I'm a stranger, girl. Didn't your folks teach you not to talk to strangers? No, you never knew your folks. You're a child of the bomb, raised by rats, adopted by the noble knights of the Brotherhood.

Keep fucking with me and I'm gonna forget that I'm "noble".
I'm not here to play games. I need information...
You sure talk a lot for a fossil. Too much, in fact. Good bye.

I had a name once... but not any more. Heard your name's Cain, just like the first murderer, the brother-killer. Do you think of other ghouls as your brothers? Have you killed any brothers lately?

You're one pubic hair from getting your head torn off, old man.
I'm asking the questions here, old man...
I'm in no mood for a conversation with a loopy old fart. I'm gone.

If you said that to me thirty years ago, I'd have shot you and sold your gear for drinking money. But I'm too old for that stuff now. Let me buy you a drink...

All right... Now that we're best buddies, let's talk...
I'll take your drink, but I won't drink with you. Bye.

Just got into town myself. Haven't seen anyone from the Brotherhood... except yourself. I used to be in the Brotherhood, too. That was a long time ago...

Maybe you can help me with something else then...
Well, thanks for nothing.

Raiders... I've killed hundreds of 'em, and more keep popping up. As long as there are humans, there'll be raiders around to cause trouble.

So you're an optimist, huh? Well, I've got more questions...
And it's my job to kick their asses. Speaking of which, I'd better get to it...

Got a radscorpion problem around here, huh? Watch out for the tails. And some of 'em can spit poison at you from a distance. Damn dirty bugs...

Thanks for the advice. I have some other questions...
I'll be careful. Thanks.

That hole? Don't know much about it, and I'm not interested in poking around down there. I've spent enough of my life underground...

Maybe you can help me with something else then...
The mayor thinks that there's a vault down there.
Hmm. Guess I'll have to check it out myself. See you.
The mayor? Either he's as stupid as he looks or he's lying to you. There's no vaults around here, kid. Believe me, I'd know.
I'll look into it then. I wanted to ask you something else first...
Interesting. Thanks for the information.

Carbon warehouseEdit


Good to see you made it here in one piece. I had to kill a dozen or so raiders just to get these people to safety. You manage to save anyone?

Raiders killed most of 'em. Good riddance, I say.
I did what I could to save as many townspeople as possible...
I kept all of the townspeople alive. Damn hard work, though.
I've got more important things to worry about now...
Does it really matter? I'll see you later.

You let them die?!? That doesn't seem very knightly at all. You sure you didn't take a few of the townspeople out yourself, just for sport?

Let's not dwell on who killed who... I've got other things on my mind...
I'm going to forget you said that and walk away.
Well, you can't save everyone, kid. And you really killed the hell out of those raiders.
Yeah, I guess. Maybe you can help me with something...
Killed the hell out of 'em. Yeah. See you around.

You saved all of them?!? Guess I underestimated you, kid. Here, I want you to have this. The road you're on, you'll need it more than I will.

Thanks. But right now I need information.
I appreciate it - and I'm sure I'll put it to good use.

Carbon, leaving for LosEdit


Maybe you'll make it as a Brotherhood knight after all. I've been helping these people figure out how they're going to stay alive... but I'll be leaving soon.

Who are you anyway? What's your name?
There were mutants working with the raiders.
Do you know anything about a city of ghouls?
Guess I'll be leaving soon, too. Good luck.

I've dealt with mutants before... I still remember their Master, his flesh crawling along the walls, a floor of wriggling fingers, clutching at me... If mutants are involved, you'll need all the help you can get. Here, take this.

Thanks. Listen, I had some other questions.
All right. See you.

Yeah, I know about a ghoul city. It's called Los... Los Anything. I'll draw you a map. Careful if you go there - they don't like humans.

Thanks. Listen, I had some other questions.
All right. Thanks. I'm ready to leave town now.
I'll get those directions later. I've got some other things to do here, first.

There's a ghoul city called Los just over the mountains. I'll draw you a map. That reminds me of an old ghoul city called Necropolis... shame about that...

Necropolis was my home, so shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.
Necropolis is a dead issue, old man. I've got other things on my mind...
Time for me to leave town.
Hold on, I got shit to take care of before I go. I'll be back for that map.

What's that you've got there, kid? Is that a... a vault 13 flask? Heh. Call me a sentimental old fool, but I'll give you a few caps for it.

A few caps for this flask? Sure. Take it, old man.
I don't think so. I'd like to ask you some questions, though...
I'll think about it. See you around.

Thanks, kid. You just made my day. And the old vault colors haven't even faded that much... well well. Here's those caps.

Nice trading with you. Let me ask you something else...
Enjoy your old junk, grandpa.