Wasteland outfit (Fallout: New Vegas)

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This page is about the wasteland outfits as they appear in Fallout: New Vegas. For the wasteland outfits as they appear in Fallout 3, see Wasteland outfit.

Wasteland outfits are common outfits for wastelanders in Fallout: New Vegas.


Crudely made, they provide only the most basic protection and are easy to come by as they can be bought from several traders, can be found on many corpses or inside several homes throughout the Mojave Wasteland.


Brahmin-skin outfit

A basic common outfit of offwhite color with grey suspenders commonly worn by poor and easy to kill non-player characters. The outfit doesn't adjust to the leg length of female players when looted off a male corpse or vice versa, therefore the pant legs appear rolled up or shorter on a female character than on male characters.

Wasteland wanderer outfit

Most people will use these simple clothes. It has a hood on top of the shirt, white pants and brown boots. You will find it on many of the people you meet in the wasteland.

Wasteland settler outfit

It is more or less a discolored bodysuit that is made from a coarse material. Almost every "homeless" or broke person will wear this outfit. It's not a very great outfit, but you can use it to repair other wasteland outfits. This is the outfit that No-Bark Noonan and some Freeside thugs wear.

Wasteland legend outfit

The wasteland legend outfit is identical with the merc veteran outfit, except for a neck band. The outfit provides a DT of 3, aswell as +2 to each guns and melee. It has a weight of 8 pounds and can be repaired with any merc outfit. It will spawn randomly in lockers and footlockers or be sold by merchants.

Variants with differents stats

Wasteland doctor fatigues

Wasteland doctor fatigues is a variant of the wasteland outfit with a bonus of +5 to Medicine instead of the usual one. The wasteland doctor fatigues consist of a white sleeveless shirt, a small bag and brown trousers with packs attached to the belt. You can buy one from Calamity at Jacobstown, also Freeside thugs who are hostile to the player often wear the fatigues.

Wasteland surgeon outfit

The wasteland surgeon outfit is a bloodsplattered version of the wasteland doctor fatigues, also with a bonus of +5 to Medicine. Freeside thugs who are hostile to the player often wear the wasteland surgeon outfit. You can find one on Doctor Rotson's body in Hell's Motel in Mesquite Mountains Crater.


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