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The waste disposal station is a location in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.



The entrance is to the east of Ulysses' Temple on the lowest level of the canyon. It's a small hole in the wall that can very easily be missed or mistaken for any other indent in a stone wall.

There is a Ralphie poster for the Feel Like A Kid Again challenge just to the right of the entrance.


The waste disposal station is not as much a station as a hole in the wall that extends about 30 feet back. Scattered throughout are radioactive barrels that give up to 3 rads/sec and a skeleton located in the back with a note. At one point, the remains of a pre-War bunker can be seen through a hole in the ceiling, filled with barrels. It would appear that the presence of the radioactive waste is due to the bunker floor above collapsing.

Notable loot

  • Wasteland Survival Guide inside the waste disposal station in the middle of the area where the bunker floor has collapsed, in a big pile of radiation goo. Because the entrance to the station is difficult to find, it is suggested that you use the local map on your Pip-Boy to find the entrance and thus be able to get the book. This is the only copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide that can be found outside the base game.
  • Marksman carbine located near a skeleton in the back
  • For whoever finds this.... (paper note) can be found in the hand of a skeleton in back. When the Courier takes this note, several Tunnelers will emerge in the station.


This waste disposal station appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

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