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The Warrior was the nickname of the player character in Fallout Tactics.


The Warrior was a tribal recruited as an Initiate by the Brotherhood of Steel. General Simon Barnaky believed the recruit would become a great commander, and after all, he was right. The Warrior successfully accomplishes one mission after another, faster than anyone before, and achieving new ranks. Later, the Warrior became a legend in the Brotherhood of Steel and a new General. The Warrior was heavily scarred across the face.[1]

It was the Warrior who won the faction war that took place in Chicago, by defeating the threats of an alliance of local raiders, a psychic tribe of Beastlords, who were able to control animals of the wastes, and Gammorin's super mutants, the remnants of the Master's army. However, the Warrior's greatest deed is winning the war against the Calculator's robots. In the end, the Warrior either became one with the Calculator, allowed someone else to do this, or simply destroyed the Calculator. Judging from the Fallout 3's information about the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel, the Warrior probably chose to destroy the machine.


The Warrior appears only in Fallout Tactics.


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