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They've holed up in the nearby metro tunnels. They're living with packs of feral ghouls. They've barred the main entrance. Go through the train yard.


Warrington Station is a ruined subway station underneath Warrington in the southwest of the Capital Wasteland. The entrance to the Station is located Southwest of Tenpenny Tower. The other end of the station leads directly into the Warrington tunnels. Following the tunnels will lead directly to the Warrington trainyard.


Warrington Station is located just south west of Tenpenny Tower.


The front gate to Warrington station is locked. The key can be obtained by killing Roy Phillips, or by entering the Warrington tunnels via the Warrington trainyard west of Tenpenny Tower. The trainyard is slightly irradiated and guarded by a variety of feral ghouls.


Warrington station is home to the ghouls: Roy Phillips, Michael Masters, Bessie Lynn, and some feral ghouls.

Notable lootEdit

  • Big Book of Science on the desk next to the room with the door to Metro access & generator.
  • Pugilism Illustrated in the sleeping quarters. To find it, walk straight towards where Michael Masters usually sleeps. Turn left and the book is on the shelf inside a crate. Awards negative karma.
  • One Nuka-Cola Quantum hidden between some metal boxes around the middle of the ghoul's sleeping quarters. To the right of the bunk bed with two metal crates on it.
  • Dean's Electronics in the room just past the ghouls' sleeping quarters. After you speak to Roy, walk towards the door closer to where Michael Masters sleeps. Go past one room after that into a storage room (lit by a red light) and the book is on the shelf with a stepladder besides it.

Related questsEdit


Warrington Station appears only in Fallout 3.


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