The Warren Theater is an unmarked location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


As you enter the theater, you find yourself in a classic theater lobby designed in the Art déco style. Some posters and paintings decorate the walls. In front of you, there are counters with some cash registers on it. A "bakery" sign is above the left counter, a "beverages" sign above the right counter. Between that two signs, there is also a "candy" sign. To your left, there is a Nuka-Cola machine without loot. On your right you will find a broken TV. You will also see a small path going deeper in the building. If you follow that path, there will be an elevator which leads you up to the fourth floor, the theater stage. There are four rows of seats and the stage itself. On the stage, some mannequins stand in a group. Behind them there's a desk and a chair. There is also a chair to the left of the mannequins. A picture showing a lighthouse is on the wall behind. A synth is hiding among the mannequins, so be prepared to fight him if you are not allied with The Institute. On the left and right of the stage, there is some clothing you can collect. On the right, there is also a safe in advanced difficulty.


  • The theater itself has no fast travel point/map marker. You best access it by fast traveling to the Combat Zone.


The Warren Theater appears only in Fallout 4.


pcIcon pc xboxoneIcon xboxone ps4Icon ps4 As you enter the theater and head to the Nuka-Cola machine on your left, you can walk through the wall behind the vending machine. If you walk some steps, you will be teleported back to the entrance. [verified]