Warhead Hunter

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Warhead Hunter
taskDetonate all of the warheads in the Divide
reward500 XP
repeatsNot Repeatable
base idxx00a604
Warhead Hunter
Warhead Hunter
requirementsDetonated all of the warheads in the Divide
trophy typeSilver
Gametitle-FNV LR
Gametitle-FNV LR

Warhead Hunter is a challenge and achievement/trophy for the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road. To obtain this achievement/trophy, you must find and detonate all 30 warheads in the Divide. Any detonated warheads leave behind burning fire. This can be accomplished after finishing the story of Lonesome Road by revisiting these locations.


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Hopeville (5)Edit

  1. After retrieving the detonator at the marked men camp, go south and detonate the warhead on the army truck to clear the path.
  2. Turn west and follow the path towards the Hopeville missile silo bunker. Detonate the next missile at the Hopeville women's barracks.
  3. Turn east again and follow the road through Hopeville until you reach a Hard locked gate. Open it with sufficient Lockpick skill or go through a passageway sligthly south. Continue on the main path to find another warhead in an army truck. Nuke it to clear the way.
  4. Before continuing the road to the collapsed overpass tunnel entrance, first head immediately East and take the first road to the south towards the wrecked trucks at the marked men supply outpost. There will be another nuke.
  5. Backtrack your way to the previous detonated nuke and head towards the overpass tunnel. Before you can reach it, another warhead lies in the back of an army truck. Use the detonator and Hopeville can be left behind.

The High Road (4)Edit

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  1. Follow the High Road and just before reaching The Crow's Nest there's a warhead stuck in the highway.
  2. After the Crow's Nest, the highway will bend to the south, and another warhead is seen in an army truck that is surrounded by deathclaws.
  3. The end of the highway is marked by a collapsed tunnel overpass. Leave the highway by making a U-turn to the right and head towards the Junction 7 rest stop, where the next warhead is located.
  4. Now slightly backtrack your way onto the highway, where you'll see a small path leading east-northeast at the billboard sign. Follow that path, take the first road to the right and a wrecked crane will come in sight. Just behind a nearby rock lies the ninth nuke.

The Courier's Mile (2)Edit

  1. As you enter The Courier's Mile, you'll see a fork. As you take the right one, you'll be able to see a warhead up ahead in the distance among the destroyed buildings behind the deathclaws.
  2. Back and along the left road, you'll come to a path and a clearing on your left full of marked Men. Tucked away in the back with the ruined buildings is a warhead.

The Divide - before the Cave of the Abaddon (5)Edit

  1. As you exit the Ashton Silo on the Sunstone Tower rooftop, head to and peek down over the western edge. Below, on the left-hand side of a large white "On Solid Ground!" billboard near a large, collapsed building you'll see a warhead.
  2. On the opposite side of the same billboard from the last warhead is another.
  3. (Required) From Sunstone Tower, head southwest. Tucked between the boulders is a warhead you have to detonate to continue along.
  4. Head around to the right from the last warhead. Up among the rubble on your right, you'll see only the tip of a buried warhead sticking out near the end of the building with the white old world flag on it.
  5. (Required) Head northwest from the last warhead. You'll see another warhead wedged in-between the rocks.

The Divide - before Ulysses' Temple (8)Edit

  1. After reaching the Boxwood Hotel Roof, head southeast. Behind a pipe gushing water you'll find the den of Rawr, the deathclaw. One is embedded in the ceiling.
  2. After defeating Rawr, another is used to leave the den.
  3. (Required) Further along from the last two, at the base of a ruined building where some marked men are shooting from you'll spot a warhead.
  4. After passing under the building using the path created from the last warhead, look up and to the right. In the distance (above the entrance to the Waste Disposal Station area) you'll see a warhead sitting next to a marked man sniping at you.
  5. (Required) Head south from the toppled building. Around another gushing pipe, up among rocks, you'll find one.
  6. After detonating the previous warhead, a path leading up will be created. After climbing up, you'll be atop the toppled over building. Going around to the right will take you up to the entrance of the Wastewater treatment plant. The warhead is on the rocks to the left of this entrance.
  7. Look out southwest from this area and you'll see one atop the nearby building in the farthest corner.
  8. High up and to the right of the entrance to Ulysses' Temple.

Ulysses' Temple (6)Edit

  1. Next to you as you walk in, to the right.
  2. To the left as you walk in, along the wall next to large missile.
  3. Further to the right between two large missiles.
  4. Hidden in recess behind first large missile along right wall.
  5. Further to the left between large missiles.
  6. To the right of center walkway.

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