WKML Broadcast Station

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The WKML Broadcast Station is located in the northwest section of the Capital Wasteland, situated south of Fort Constantine, north of Faded Pomp Estates, northwest of Silver Lining Drive-In, west of Drowned Devil's Crossing, and east of Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.


It is the source of Signal Kilo Bravo and the location of the explosives bobblehead.



The outside is unexceptional. There is one ramp that leads up to the broadcast station and it is occasionally populated by two or three level-dependent super mutants.


The inside has no notable loot. There is a desk off in the corner and a panel of sorts on the wall opposite the desk.

Sealed cistern

After going up the long set of stairs to the WKML building site, go to the local map, and place the cursor directly on the WKML Broadcast Station icon. The sealed cistern is south-southeast of the building itself. You can walk directly south behind the station, over and down the rock cliffs, and the entrance grate will be on your left. Or, look for the part of the cliff behind the station that has an overhang; the grate is directly below this overhang. The entrance says, "Drainage gate to sealed cistern."

Notable loot

  • The Explosives Bobblehead is inside the sealed cistern which can be hard to locate. There are three broadcast towers. Go to the eastern tower then head south-southwest off the cliff. The sealed cistern is on this same level, to the east. From here, the sealed cistern will also show up on your local map.
  • A Stealth Boy is found on the table in front of the ham-radio.


  • Like all radio stations, your Pip-Boy will detect the Signal Kilo Bravo radio signal if you turn the power on to the antenna; however, in this case the power switch is inside the WKML building instead of near an actual antenna.
  • The radio signal transmission can be activated by throwing a switch on the east wall inside of the WKML building.
  • This is a location for a 'Type A' random encounter.


The WKML Broadcast Station only appears in Fallout 3.

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