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Violet's head
Violets head
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questsThree-Card Bounty
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Violet's head is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


The item is the head of Violet, one of the Fiend leaders.

The head a quest item for the quest Three-Card Bounty, in which the Courier is hired to kill Violet and take her head back to Major Dhatri at Camp McCarran. She can be killed and her head taken at any time during the game, which can be redeemed with Major Dhatri at any time; however, due to its quest item status, it cannot be removed from the Pip-Boy inventory by other means, aside from console commands.


Violet can be found at her camp just south of the Poseidon Gas Station. She is protected by many Fiend guard dogs, while she herself normally shoots from inside or on top of her perch.



  • If the Animal Friend perk is active, her dogs will not be hostile, making the kill a lot easier.
  • Killing her with a head shot reduces the price of her bounty, as it will become Violet's mangled head instead.
  • With the Bloody Mess perk, it is possible that even when using V.A.T.S., her head will explode or be damaged, decreasing the reward.
  • Killing her and taking her head prior to accepting the quest Three Card Bounty, she can respawn and allowing a second head to be obtained. Should two or more heads be obtained, they cannot both be turned in for a bounty, extra heads can only be removed with console command (player.removeitem f81be X to remove intact heads, or player.removeitem 104173 X to remove mangled heads. Replace "X" with number of heads to remove).

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