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The Villa Clinic is a location in Sierra Madre found in the add-on Dead Money.


The Villa Clinic consists of 3 floors: the ground floor, the 2nd floor and the basement.

Ground floor

A Dean's secret stash is found in the main reception room, in the left corner, behind some red chairs. There are numerous Auto-Docs in a dedicated clinic wing on this floor.


There is a workbench. Next to the bench are some shelves with a D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine in it. The terminal to turn off the shielded speakers in the clinic is also located in this room.

2nd floor

The hologram guard can be shut off by disabling or destroying the emitter on the wall. Disabling the emitter requires a Science of 60, or a Repair of 25. A terminal can allow the player to command the hologram to patrol the 1st floor instead of the 2nd, making it easier to access the emitter.

Notable loot

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine - found in the basement on a shelf of a cabinet next to the terminal.
  • The assassin suit and cosmic knife can be found in the experimentation room with the 2 headless corpses on the first floor.
  • A History's Sake episode on the terminal next to where you find the previously mentioned Assassin Suit.
  • Vending machine code - "stimpak" can be found on the reception desk directly in front of you as you enter by the front door.
  • Vending machine code - "Med-X" can be found on a terminal on the 2nd floor, in the room directly opposite the hologram emitter.
  • Basement Door Key - can be found in the same desk with the terminal listed above.
  • Vending machine code - "Mentats" can be found in an office on the second floor, from the main entrance head left up the stairs, first room on the right, bottom shelf of the bookshelf.
  • A Dean's secret stash can be found in the southeast corner of the Villa Clinic entrance.

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The Villa Clinic only appears in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on, Dead Money.

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