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This is the transcript of a dialogue or message file, a file which contains the dialogue of a non-player character in a given game or ingame messages related to scripts and items.
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This is a transcript for dialogue with Vidya, town doctor of Carbon.



I don't know who you are, but I'm glad you're here to help us. My name is Vidya - I guess I'm the town doctor. If you're hurt, I can heal you at no charge.
You don't seem like you're from around here, Vidya.

I'm looking for some Brotherhood of Steel soldiers.
Those raiders will bleed this town dry if someone doesn't stop them.
Do you know anything about the radscorpions in the warehouse?
Tell me what you know about the hole at the edge of town.
I could use some healing now.
Nice to meet you. Bye.

What can I do for you?

What's your story, Vidya?
Have you seen any Brotherhood of Steel soldiers around?
Tell me more about these raiders.
I need healing.
Know anything about the radscorpions in the warehouse?
I want to know more about that crater at the edge of town...
There were mutants working with the raiders.
Do you know anything about a city of ghouls?

I used to belong to a group called the Followers of the Apocalypse, but that... didn't work out. I have some medical training, so now I'm helping these people.
I had some other questions...

Medical training, huh? Can you heal me?
Interesting story, but it doesn't help me. Goodbye.

I remember hearing about some soldiers in town a few weeks back, but I never saw them. Maybe you should talk to the mayor.

I'll go look for him. But first, I had some other questions...
Maybe I should. See you later.

The raiders are a bunch of common thieves led by an uncommonly vicious woman. The townspeople give them what they want because they have no choice.

Sounds tough. I wanted to ask you about something else...
Maybe there's a solution. I'll give it some thought.

That's quite a wound there! Let me take care of that for you...

Thanks. Do you have time for a few questions?
Can I get some stimpaks for the road?
Thanks for patching me up, doc. Back into the fray.

I have limited medical supplies... but all right. Just this once. Here.

Thanks. I hate to ask you for more help, but I need information...
Don't worry, this'll be our little secret. Bye.

Ah, the radscorpions. They're much larger than pre-war scorpions, and more aggressive. Their nest in the warehouse prevents us from getting to our supplies... If you're going in there, I could use your help.

My plate is full already. Let's get back to the questions.
What do you need me to do?
Not interested. In fact, I'd better get going.

There's a small box of medical drugs inside the warehouse. If the townspeople get it, they'll just take the drugs to get high. I need you to bring that box to me.

No problem. A few more questions...
You mean this box of medical supplies?
If I find it, I'll know where to bring it. Later.

You found my medical supplies! Thank you! Here, a reward... and a little something extra to help you if you get into trouble.

It was my pleasure. I had a few questions...
Rough work getting it. Can you heal me?
Thanks. Bye.

From what I understand, the hole was created back during the war... just one of the widespread affects that no one thought about until it was too late.
I guess you're right. Hey, let me ask you something else...

I'm in no mood for preaching. Bye.

Carbon warehouseEdit


Get away! Oh, it's you... I thought that the raiders... they've killed most of the townspeople, but a few of us are secure here in the warehouse... for now.

It's ugly out here. Let me in.
The raiders didn't get everyone. There are still some survivors out here.

I... I can't open the door with raiders still around. If you can get rid the raiders, I'll let you in. Until then, I'm sure you can manage.

You have to open the door! There are still some survivors out here!
Bitch! Open this door right now!
All right. Somebody's got to take out the trash...

We... we left some people behind. Please, save as many of them as you can.

Okay. I'll just come in first and take a breather.
I'm gonna start killing innocent people if you don't open this door...
Kill the raiders, save the people. I'll be back...

I... I'm sorry. I can't open the door until you get rid of the raiders.

You have to open the door! There are still some survivors out here!
Fine. I'm off to kill me some raiders.

You did it! You got rid of the raiders! Hold on, I'll unlock the door.

It's about fucking time...

Well, you killed them - the raiders, I mean. I'm not implying that you had a hand in the deaths of all those townspeople... not at all...

Of course not. More raiders will come soon, so I'll have plenty of killing...

You certainly took care of the raiders. Too bad about the townspeople that died. I know that you tried your best. Here, please accept this small reward.

More raiders will come, until everyone in this town is dead.

That was fantastic! You killed the raiders and saved all of the townspeople! This doesn't begin to repay your bravery...

Thanks, but I can't protect this town forever. More raiders will come.

You're right. The raiders will never leave us alone now... What do we do? Will you help us to deal with them?

I guess I can take care of the raiders for you.
Take on all of the raiders? Doesn't seem like there's much profit in it.

Thank you! Again, you're putting your life at risk to help us. Talk to Jesse - he'll tell you how to get to the raider base. And good luck.

Before I head off, I had a few questions...
Thanks. Can you heal me before I go?
I don't believe in luck. Catch you later.

Look, we're not rich people. But we'll pay you as much as we can if you deal with the raiders... Please, talk to Jesse about getting to the raider base.
Now we're talking. All right... I had some questions before I go.

I'll do that. But first, I could use some healing.
Gather up those caps - when I come back, I'll expect payment.

It looks like you've dealt with the raiders and their leader. Thanks for all you've done... and here, a small token of our gratitude.

Thanks. I had some questions...
You know, there were mutants working with the raiders.
Do you know anything about a city of ghouls in this region?
I could use some healing now...
Good luck to you.

After Kill Raider MatronEdit


You're back! So I guess this means that the raiders are dealt with... as well as their leader. I suppose you want your reward now. Here. And thanks.
Thanks. What's your story, anyway?

You know, there were mutants working with the raiders.
Do you know anything about a city of ghouls in this region?
I could use some healing now...
Nice doing business with you. Bye.

Mutants?!? I never saw one, but I've seen the destruction they've caused... If there are mutants in the area, we'll have to be extra careful from now on.

Yeah. Let me ask you something else...
I'm looking into the matter myself. See you around.

There was a ghoul city to the west called Necropolis. But that place was wiped out by the mutants. I guess the survivors may have settled somewhere else...

I'll ask around, I guess. Can I ask you something else?
Somebody's got to know something about it. Bye.