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The Vertibot signal grenade is a weapon in Fallout 76.


Vertibot signal grenades are thrown just as any other grenade in the game, after it lands a plume of red smoke is seen rising from it. If the player doesn't have a friendly Vertibot, a prompt will appear on screen saying "No friendly vertibot can respond."

If they do, the vertibot signal grenade functions as a means to signal for a vertibot to assist in combat.


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  • Grafton Steel yard - 10 can be found in a crate located on the vertibot landing pad.
  • Converted munitions factory - 10 can be found with a vertibot landing pad, with a Vertibot spawning once the workshop has been claimed and the facility is repaired.
  • Wade Airport - 10 will spawn when you have claimed the Workshop, and there is a vertibot landing pad near a crashed Vertibird that can be repaired for 8 steel and 6 aluminium after which a Vertibot can be used.
  • Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 - 10 can be found in a crate located on the vertibot landing pad.

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