Vernon Square

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Vernon Square
Vernon Square
Icon district
Vernon Square; the "walkway" between the hospital and hotel can be seen on the left.
Vernon Square North loc
map markerVernon Square Station
Vernon Square North
Vernon Square East
Our Lady of Hope Hospital
Statesman Hotel
Vault-Tec headquarters
part ofWashington, D.C.
buildingsOur Lady of Hope Hospital
Statesman Hotel
Vault-Tec headquarters
Other actors
creaturesSuper mutants
metro exitsFreedom Street station
Metro Junction
Vernon East/Takoma Park
other exitsSewer entrance
cell nameMVSHotelEntrance (OLH Hospital)
VaultTechHeadQuarters (VT HQ)
MVSRadioTower (sewer exterior)
zDCWorld06 (sewer interior)
zDCWorld06Sewer (sewer entr. i.)
ref id00025b9a (OLH Hospital)
00025b94 (Vault-Tec HQ)
00025ba0 (sewer exterior)
00095991 (sewer interior)
000269e6 (sewer entr. interior)
Vernon Square map

There's something about this area. I can't put my finger on it, but just like the Mall, there is an unusually high concentration of super mutants. If I had the time and resources, I'd investigate.

Butcher, about Vernon Square

Vernon Square is a section of Washington, DC. Reilly's Rangers are trapped in this area. Vault-Tec headquarters and/or radiation emitted from a crashed rocket are likely attractions for the unusually numerous super mutants found here. It contains four Metro exits.


The entire outer rim of the location is overall nothing but piles of rubble, chaos and super mutants. In the Northern part of Vernon Square through a small alleyway between two buildings (on the map between the sewer entrance and Vernon East/Takoma Park entrances) and guarded by a few super mutants, you will find several locations some of which being the Metro Tunnels in the direct North-part of the area, the Vault-Tec Guest Relations to the East, as the main building, and Takoma Park/Vernon Square East, which is impossible to get to unless through the Vernon Square East. The real 'hotspot' of the entire area is in fact the Middle of Vernon Square, where not only a large amount of super mutants reside in the area, but also a rather large Delta IX rocket has crash landed, where despite the thick radiation, has opened a new passage called the sewer, where you will encounter a few more super mutants and possibly loot. A small note, the entrance into the Takoma Park/Vernon Square Metro is behind the large irradiated hole which is mentioned above. Follow the rim of the hole past the right of the blue car. The center region is possibly the most devastated part of the location, with a demolished building from the rocket and a toppled radio mast linking the second floor of Our Lady of Hope Hospital to the Statesman Hotel. If you continue downward past the hospital, you will only find the rear of the hospital and several buildings, which the rubble makes the area impassable. However, taking a left, and up the stairs (after you fight through more super mutants) will lead you to another Metro tunnel and Freedom Street station.

Points of interestEdit

  • Our Lady of Hope Hospital
  • Statesman Hotel
  • Vault-Tec headquarters
  • A small radioactive (2 rad/sec peak) sewer used as a base by the super mutants.
    • Outside of the sewer is a radioactive crater with a wrecked Delta IX rocket in the center. The rocket is the probable source of the radiation, as the rads peak at 43 rad/sec near the rocket's severed nose cone.
    • To ease in entering the sewer, there is a Pulowski Preservation shelter next to the subway entrance with a radiation suit inside.
  • An old pre-War cinema still stands around the radioactive crash site. The cinema depicts, among others, an advertisement for the movie "P.S. I Hate You", a reference to real-life movie "P.S. I Love You."

Notable lootEdit


  • Additional super mutants are scripted to spawn in Vernon Square when the player passes through certain areas. This can catch an unwary player off guard, after having already cleared the area of obvious threats.
  • Reilly tells this about the area:

If I wasn't asking for your help, I'd tell you to stay away. It's thick with super mutants. I don't know why. Butcher, our team medic, has always suspected something is in the area they are looking for or being attracted to. The only place worse I can think of is the Mall.



Vernon Square appears only in Fallout 3.


Interactive mapEdit

Vernon Square

Vernon Square

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