Vera Keyes' "Go to the Faraway" song

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Vera Keyes' "Go to the Faraway" song
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Vera Keyes' "Go to the Faraway" song is a miscellaneous item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. Rather than a cassette like most holodisks, it can be found by accessing the music controls on the terminal, found on the desk by the front doors in the lobby of the Sierra Madre hotel. Downloading the ambient music for the restaurant, executive suites and theatre will add a note to your Pip-Boy.

Activating the greeter hologram from the same terminal will play some ghostly, almost indiscernible music, presumably featuring Vera Keyes' voice.



You have a Holotape of Vera Keyes' melody, "Go to the Faraway."

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