FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Vault Supervisor, also referred to throughout the Fallout film treatment as Hero's father, was set to appear in the canceled Fallout film.


Vault Supervisor first appears in the film when his son, the film's protagonist, who is proud at his son for noticing a problem with the water supply. It is the presentation by Hero of a report on this that is used as a plot device to reveal the internal strife within Vault 13.[1] He is present at the meeting of the Vault Elders, 'a First-Gen group of seven survivors from pre-vault days before WWIII some 50 years ago'.[2]

Later that night, after the Overseer had decreed that Hero would lead a small scouting group to find a new water chip, Hero reveals to his father that he has always dreamed of going above-ground in different circumstances. Vault Supervisor reveals how proud he is of his son for being chosen to lead, claiming it will guarantee his place as an elder later in life. He denies Hero the right to tell his intended wife what is going on, however, thinking that it might destablise the vault.[3]

There is a large lapse in the Vault Supervisor's role in the film, and he is not featured again until the scouts return. After the Overseer rejects their re-entry, claiming that they have all the water chips they needed, and that sending them out was an attempt to purge the vault of discontent. This leads to an uproar from the Elders, especially Hero's father.[4] When Hero's Intended tries to let them all back in, the Overseer kills her. Outraged even further, Hero's father challenges the Overseer's authority: he allows the surviving scouts back inside, and urges the Elder's to arm the populace, which starts a social revolution.[5]

In the ensuing battle between the loyalists, rebels and the Master's mutants, Vault Supervisor dies in Hero's arms, but the exact cause is unknown. His last words are spent in telling Hero how proud he is of him.[6]


The Vault Supervisor was to appear in the canceled Fallout film.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • His actual name is unknown, as he was not given one yet in the released film treatment.
  • Vault Supervisor was certainly over 50 years old.[7]


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