Vault City Downtown

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Vault City Downtown
Fo2 Vault City Downtown
Icon settlement medium
The layout of the district
map markerVault City
part ofVault City
buildingsInformation office
Servant Allocation Center
Corrections Center
Tap House
Customs office
questsDeliver pliers (tools) and a wrench to Valerie
Solve the Gecko powerplant problem
Rescue Amanda's husband, Joshua
Scout the eight sectors around Gecko and return to Stark
Enter NCR and return to Stark

The Vault City Downtown area is the second district of Vault City.


Here only Citizens and those with a day pass may enter. It is watched by guards, who search through a person's inventory for chems and alcohol which are forbidden. Here one can trade for weapons (only citizens), general goods or medicine. There is also a library, but the books are being thrown away as new technologies make them in available digital form. Besides this, the Servant Allocation Center, Corrections Center, and Tap House are also located here.

Valerie, the city's mechanic, admits that she needs some pliers and a wrench. She will give a certain thing because of the accident in the Amnities office.

Stark, the sergeant of Vault City thinks that they will have to fight Gecko's ghouls... so he will reward people if they scout around Gecko. Also, he needs someone to enter the New California Republic and report back to him.

Joshua, the local of the courtyard is being held here as a servant. His wife Amanda begs people to get him out if they get a chance.



The Vault City Downtown appears only in Fallout 2.

Vault City Emblem

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