You see a metal box talking to the air in a woman's voice. The woman must be inside the box! She must be really, really cramped in there.

The Vault 8 central computer is the main control mainframe for Vault 8, the vault that spawned Vault City.


The main role of the central computer is to provide the player with leads to obtain the Garden of Eden Creation Kit (GECK) by providing the location of Vault 15 and indicating that there is likely a GECK in Vault 13.[1]

The computer is also able to confirm Gordon's information on the Vault City power plant being overstretched, and will optimize the Gecko power plant reactor's data.

The computer can also allow players with a high Perception a download to the player's Pip-Boy containing the Vault City travel log.

Characters with INT < 4 that follow the electrocution dialogue option gain a 5% increase to electrical resist, a hidden combat statistic used by pulse weapons and the alien blaster. This can be seen with a character editor.