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For an overview of various Vault jumpsuits in the Fallout series of games, see Vault jumpsuit.
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Gametitle-FO3Penny Arcade

The Vault 77 jumpsuit was the standard Vault-Tec jumpsuit originally worn by the Puppet Man, the only inhabitant of Vault 77.


The Vault 77 jumpsuit gives +5 to melee weapons and unarmed skills, as it is said that these were the Puppet Man's favorite methods of murder. As there was only one inhabitant of Vault 77, and as Vault 77 isn't in the game, the suit is unique, like the modified utility jumpsuit.



  • When you wear the Vault 77 jumpsuit in Paradise Falls or around any other slavers, it has no effect on them despite the fear of the Puppet Man in slaver colonies and the "Burn This Goddamn Jumpsuit" holotape.
  • The suit is tagged as the slavers' property, so taking it is considered stealing.


The Vault 77 jumpsuit appears in the One Man, and a Crate of Puppets comic by Penny Arcade and Fallout 3.

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