The Vault 75 terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Vault 75 in Fallout 4.

Admissions terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
This terminal is for the express use of the Vault

Press ReleaseEdit


For immediate Release:
Vault-Tec to Subsidize Enrollment for Malden Families

Washington DC - In response to growing national concern for the safety of our children in the event of a nuclear attack, Vault-Tec officials have cooperated with local government in Malden, Massachusetts to provide subsidized enrollment fees for any families wishing to sign up for residency in Vault 75. The newly-opened Vault is attached directly to Malden's Elementary School, ensuring a swift evacuation should an attack come during class time.

"Safeguarding the future has always been our priority.", said a Vault-Tec Spokesperson, "The opening of Vault 75 gives us all extra peace of mind, knowing that the children of Malden will be safe, even if the worst comes to pass."

Enrollment PolicyEdit



Vault-Tec has authorized special discounts and subsidies for qualifying families. This special offer can only be extended to families meeting the following requirements:

I. One or more family members are children under the age of 15.
II. Enrolled children attend public school within the township of Malden, Mass.
III. The enrolled group includes no more than two (2) adults per qualifying child.

Please note that Vault 75 also permits the individual enrollment of children for families which cannot afford to also enroll a parent or guardian.

Special Admission ProtocolsEdit


Upon activation of Vault 75, all residents must be subjected to standard admission protocols, details of which can be found in the Vault-Tec personnel handbook.

Once residents have been verified and sanitized, children under the age of 17 are to be taken to the atrium area. There they will meet with the Overseer, who will provide orientation information specific to the children.

All other residents are to be taken to the holding area to await their briefing from the Head of Security.

Admission RecordsEdit


Steven - 13 - Yes - McLintock
Ashley - 11 - Yes - Morgan
David - 06 - No - Tournquist
Michael - 12 - No - Tournquist
Caleb - 12 - Yes - Truman
Joey - 13 - Yes - Clay
Elliot - 09 - Yes - Briggs
Emery - 07 - Yes - Briggs

Combat simulation terminalEdit


Welcome to ROBCO Industries (TM) Termlink
Vault 75. - Combat Simulation Terminal
High Scores:
|....Name..../....Completion Time..|
|ToppedYaAll!! / 25.32 Seconds
|1NJ3CT0R! / 28.46 Seconds
|AAAAAA / 37.29 Seconds
|Bob / 45.16 Seconds

Restart CourseEdit


Training Sequence Reset.

Combat Simulation Initiating...

Classroom terminalEdit


Vault 75



There was once a little girl named Sue and a little boy named Roy. Sue and Roy grew up in a very special place called Vault 75. They learned and trained and played there. How they trained! Sue and Roy were both growing up big and strong, when one day, Sue and Roy were asked to visit the Overseer.
"What's wrong, Overseer?" asked Sue. "Why are you crying, Overseer?" said Roy.
"It's just awful!" cried the Overseer, wiping a tear from her eye. "Have you children ever heard of Uptopland?"
Sue and Roy blinked, and shook their heads.
"What's that, Overseer?" they asked.
"Oh, it's a terrible place," began the Overseer, and she told the children about Uptopland. She told them about the people living there, and how they weren't safe or strong like the children at Vault 75. Monsters attacked them and evil bandits stole their food, and it was no place for little children to grow up. No, not at all.
"Those poor people!" exclaimed Sue. "Why does nobody help them?" wondered Roy.
"That's just it, children." The Overseer told them, "They need somebody big and strong to protect them."
"Who will help them?" Sue and Roy asked.
"One day, children, you will." Said the Overseer. "That's why you must do your best at classes and training every day. So you can grow up big and strong, and go make Uptopland a happy and safe place for poor people who live there."
Sue and Roy smiled at that, and ran off to their lessons, eager to help.







TOD4Y'S L3S?/// - Q8]]xEdit


{ERROR} No File Found or File Stored in Wrong Context VT3291

Assistant's terminalEdit


Vault 75

Lab Assistant Clearance Only
Registered Assistant AM: James S.
Registered Assistant PM: Rohit L.

Testing ScheduleEdit


0900 - Mehren B.
0915 - Ellie B.
0930 - Nina K.
0945 - Samuel T.
1000 - Brendon C.
1015 - Ricardo S.
1030 - Alma L.
1045 - Mitu K.
1100 - Close for Maint.
1130 - Robert P.
1200 - Close for Lunch. Prep Lab for PM Assistant.
9999 - ERR ERR ERR

Testing GuidelinesEdit







Hi, JamesEdit


1534 hrs: I was able to mess up the scheduling program. The system won't expect us to test anyone after lunch for a few days. If you're right about the Overseer having helpers, I don't think anyone's noticed. Anyway, this will give us some time to get things ready without prying eyes.

You can leave me messages on this terminal, too, if you need. Should be pretty secure now.

We can start smuggling ammo in here. Nobody should find out if we're pinching a bullet or two at a time from the range. Still need to figure out a good fuse, but it'll take us a while to get enough gunpowder smuggled in from the range before that matters.



1057hrs: What do you think we're up against, anyway? - R
1401hrs: Worst case? All the Superiors we've ever seen graduate.
1001hrs: That's not comforting. -R
1309hrs: I really doubt it, though. I'm almost positive they'reIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic just got geeks up there. Maybe even just robots.
1121hrs: Depending on the robots, I might take the uptop grads. - R
1509hrs: Haha, yeah. I'm not worried, though. There can't be as many of them as there are of us, and they're basically training us to be able to overpower them. We won't know until we know, I guess.
1044hrs: And I guess we're going to know real soon. -R

l's and K's?Edit


0918hrs: James, have you thought about what we should do with the little kids? -R

1319hrs: If we hit the door during nap they should be saveIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic. We should still make sure everyone pushes forward as much as possible.

0901hrs: I hope that'll work. We should probably have a few stay behind just to keep an eye on them. - R

1455hrs: Good idea. We can trust Alma, right? Why don't you talk to her during her testing appointment tomorrow?

0958hrs: She's in.

Chief scientist's terminalEdit


Vault 75
Clearance: Chief Scientist Eyes Only



Chief Scientist -

Welcome to Vault 75. As outlined in your confidential briefing packet, Vault 75 is part of a top-secret military program. You have been selected for your professional credentials, experience, and commitment to the improvement of the human genome. It is of the utmost importance that you follow the protocols herein.

The mission of Vault 75, above all, is the refinement of human genetics. Your scientific staff will operate according to the research schedule set forth by Schlett, Braun and Lambe.

You will be working with an Overseer with a background as a military officer. Your Overseer will be responsible for training and maintaining the subject population you will be working with. It is important that you and your Overseer maintain a healthy working relationship.



Vault 75 represents an unprecedented opportunity to test our hypothesis that the human genome can be improved at a rapid rate through the combination of selective breeding, hormonal treatments, genetic modification, and an accelerated generational cycle.

The experimental objectives of Vault 75 are detailed in the handbooks which have been provided to you already. This experiment is intended to be carried out over multiple generations. As such, there may be unanticipated research opportunities that present themselves. Such diversions from provisional protocol are permitted at the discretion of the Chief Scientist.

- V.Schlett, I.Lambe, S.Braun



Because Vault 75 represents a long-term experiment in a closed environment, it will become important to replenish staff periodically. This shall be done by selective recruitment of outgoing subjects. We anticipate a certain percentage of resident population to exhibit high intellect scores, but insufficient physical capabilities to be qualified for genomic harvesting.

These subjects may be, at Overseer and Chief Scientist discretion, offered the opportunity to join staff. Those who refuse should be disposed of in the same manner as unqualified outgoing subjects.

Please note that all internally-recruited staff should be kept strictly separate from general population for at least 15 years, to prevent members of the general population recognizing former residents among the staff.

Only the most trusted and capable staff members should be admitted to the Genomics laboratory, is the responsibility of the Chief Scientist to very carefully choose these staff members and ensure they are sufficiently trained for their roles.



Only Outgoing subjects, aged 18 years, with aggregate scoring of SUPERIOR or EXCELLENT across key physical/mental/social traits must be escorted to the Genomics laboratory. Processing should be done on an individual basis, and with great care. Remember that successful subjects will likely be capable of overpowering staff. Reiterate to the subject that a brief round of vaccinations is necessary, and avoid arousing any suspicions otherwise.

Each subject should have a file for processing which indicates which specific organic material needs to be preserved for future testing. Be sure that these directions are strictly adhered to and that specimens are stored quickly.

Genomics ReportsEdit


Showing Records for Most Recent Graduation.
Reports prepared by Chief Scientist Gibson
Days Until Next Graduation: -999.66e33



Overall harvest was exceptional this year. Lots of Superior ratings in the physical categories. Many of our vital organ initiatives are paying dividends. Pain thresholds have been a mostly-solved problem for years now, and we're finally getting past issues like cardiac arrest under heavy duress. The genetic material we're gaining this year should help the next generation meet goals we thought were still a decade or more off. Some concerns about aggression levels. We've had a few cases of psychological breakdowns due to stress over the years, but incidence was much higher in this group. Going to recommend we synthesize some new tranquillizers, just to stock up. Food supply remains best delivery method for general population, but should be concerned about future w/science staff, too.



Only needed one recruit to scientific staff this year, with Washington joining the genetics team to help me out up here. Subject's physical scores were very low, and he has consistently shown good problem solving and critical thinking.

Overseer has concerns about his attachment to some of the younger members of the population. I'm not too worried. His psychological profile shows that he's very suggestible. We'll keep him on the observation deck long enough for those he had personal relationship with to graduate out of the population. That gives us some time to acclimate him to the experimental protocols without conflict.

We just need to keep him in the dark until then.



We had very low disposal overhead, thanks to the excellent harvest ratio this year. Just 74% of the overall graduating class. Incinerations will be done within the week. Good first task for Washington before we begin the real work.



Please refer to hard copies
Manuel re-entry recommended.

Overseer's terminalEdit


Vault 75
Clearance: Overseer Eyes Only

Operations Protocol ManualEdit

Resident AdmittanceEdit


Personnel officers are responsible for admitting residents and obeying standard protocol for sanitization and scans. Research staff assist as needed, but otherwise remain in their wing.

Adults aged 17 and older will be isolated and disposed of by the Head of Security.

Children under the age of 17 are to be taken directly to the atrium area. As Overseer, you are responsible for introducing the children to the caretaker robots and their sleeping facilities. Research protocols will not begin until the second week of containment. It is recommended that you participate directly in routine storytimes each evening.

Family PolicyEdit


Vault 75 has been built within the township of Malden, and all families with children aged 5-15 have been offered subsidized admittance to the Vault program here. This should maximize the number of residents able to report for admittance in a crisis event.

In the event that it becomes necessary, it is preferable to allow potential subjects to remain with their families in the bulkhead area over allowing adults to accompany subjects to the atrium. These subjects will not be admitted to the general population.
Some distress is expected in the early days of internment. Please refer to Vault-Tec's Childcare consolation protocols (VTOEG sec 127.1) if guidance is needed.

Staff DutiesEdit


Personnel and Security staff have been assigned to Vault 75, and provided with standard instructions as found in your operations manual.

Research personnel are to remain in their designated wing, and isolated from making physical contact with residents except under special circumstances. New research personnel may be selected annually from the Vault population at Overseer discretion. Residents are to be informed that these persons have vacated the Vault.

Overseer DirectivesEdit


I. Residents aged 18 and older must be removed from the general population annually.
II. Residents who have exhibited genetic promise are to be preserved for genome harvesting and reintegration.
III. Residents of average genetic promise but high intelligence and docility may be recruited to the Research staff at Overseer discretion,
IV. All other Residents to be removed must be culled.
V. Research staff is responsible for cultivating embryo replacements to maintain consistent resident population numbers.
VI. Vault 75 is to remain sealed until an all-clear order is issued by Vauit-Tec.

Annual Turnover ProtocolEdit


Beginning one year after initial containment, children over the age of 18 must be removed from the general population. This will be done annually, on a date specified by the Overseer and Chief Scientist.

It is recommended that this "graduation" be treated as an important tradition inside Vault 75. Appropriate ceremonies should be conceived of and performed by Overseer staff, with outgoing subjects being removed one-by-one from the main living area.

Once separated from the general; population, subjects with aggregate ratings of EXCELLENT and SUPERIOR are to be escorted to the genomics laboratory tor processing. Subjects with EXCELLENT and SUPERIOR intellect ratings (but not aggregate) will be offered positions as Overseer of Research staff, per discretion of the Overseer and Chief Scientist.

All other subjects should be disposed of as outlined in the confidential operations packet.

Overseer's LogEdit

New ResearcherEdit


Worried about the new recruit in science. He's supposed to be on simple observation duties and closely monitored until the subjects he knows in the population have been processed. I know we've done this many, many times before, but something about this one feels wrong. Not sure I should have let myself be talked into it.

Nursery Capacity IssuesEdit


We're having a capacity problem in the nursery. We are as full as we can be in the IVFS, but introducing more residents to the population is going to be problematic. I'd prefer to wait until the next turnover. Will have to discuss with Chief scientist.

Fire in ArchivesEdit


Damn it all. Some kind of wiring issue caused a fire in the archive.

We lost some hardware that I'm told will be difficult to repair, if not impossible. Science lost a lot of historical research data, though I'm told we can get some junior staff started transcribing hard copies.

Some of the locks failed once the fire got bad. Worrying, but turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Science staff nearby got in and stopped the blaze quickly. If the locks hadn't failed then myself or one of the senior scientists would have had to manually open the doors.

Vault 75 StatusEdit




> Remote Door ControlEdit

Open DoorEdit


Opening doors...

> Safe ControlEdit

Disengage LockEdit


...Checking Clearance..........
...Locking Mechanism Disable..

Researcher's terminalEdit


Vault 75
Research Station AE-1

Test Protocol: Aerobic AptitudeEdit


Researcher Guidelines: Aerobics Station

This station exists to measure and increase aerobic ability and cardiovascular health of test subjects.

As the treadmill operator, adjust incline and speed to reach and sustain target rate in the subject. Once target rate has been sustained for >60 seconds, gradually increase duress until peak heart rate has been reached or exceeded.

Heart Rate GuideEdit




< 8..| 106 | 170..| 212+
9-10 | 105 | 168..| 210+
11-12| 104 | 166..| 208+
13-14| 103 | 165..| 206+
15-16| 102 | 163..| 204+
17-18| 101 | 162..| 202+

Side Effect GuidelinesEdit


UNACCEPTABLE (Cease test if risk arises)
- Cardiac Arrest

- Death

ACCEPTABLE (Continue Testing)

- Muscle Strain

- Nausea

- Vomiting

- Loss of Consciousness

Researcher's NotesEdit



Nina won't believe it. I'm actually on the research team. We always thought some grown-ups must stay in the Vault to help the Overseer run things, even if we never saw them. I was right! Not everyone has to go to the outside world. They said I'd do more good here, and I couldn't be happier.

I wish there was some way she could know I'm still here, still able to watch her. She'll graduate in two years; maybe they'll put her on the research team, too, if her scores are high enough.

Ah, To Be YoungEdit


It's only been a few months since graduation, and already I feel so much more mature than the kids I'm monitoring every day. Rohit and James both still talk about taking over the Vault. Like they think nobody's listening. Robbie and Becka still sneak off to huff propellant. We see that, too. They'll never make it onto the research team like I did. I'm just glad I can still keep an eye on Nina. She's not doing too great on her scores, though. She was never much of an academic, like me. Her physical scores are among the best in the group, though. I'm sure she'll graduate to a good team for up top. I just hope I can see her before she goes up top.

Passing NotesEdit


Supervisor Bissell lost some papers from his clipboard this morning. He was pretty anxious about it. He'd spent most of the morning searching for them, then pulled me aside to get me looking for them while he went to meet with the Overseer. He really doesn't want anyone to know they went missing.

Turns out they got sucked into a vent. I could hear the pages flapping in there. There's no way I can get them unless I were to go downtstairsIn-game spelling, punctuation and/or grammarIcon sic. But I saw Rohit fish them out of the vent down there first. I'm going to tell Bissell I couldn't find them...

Shooting Range Maint.Edit


The range is really getting run-down. I've asked the Overseer whether we can have some supplies brought in to help refurbish it, but was told we should work with what we've got. Then she reminded me it wasn't even my station. I didn't think it would be a big deal to have her ask some of the up top graduates to bring supplies, but I guess they're really busy, and there's always some risk involved with her going outside. Maybe she'll ask at next year's graduation when she takes the new graduates through the surface door?