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Vault 730 is a location in Fallout Shelter.


Vault 730 is spread across 6 floors, one over ground and the five remaining levels below ground level. The vault dwellers enter via the vault door on the surface level and must transverse through two small rooms to reach the elevator down to basement level one. Once the Dwellers have reached the first basement level they must pass through another small room and a medium sized room to the elevator on the far left side of the vault which gives access to basement levels two through to four.

Basement levels two and three are identical in layout, with a medium sized room on the left hand side and a small room on the right, with two elevators exclusively joining the floors together; one is between the rooms on each floor and the other on the far right.

Basement level four consists of a single large room with an elevator either side. The right hand elevator leads down to the final level which consists of two small room either side of a medium sized room, which contains a raider.

Related questEdit

The Path of Paula Plumbkin - One must travel to Vault 730 in search of Vaultopolis.


Vault 730 appears only in Fallout Shelter.

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