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Vault 63 is a Vault-Tec vault located in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia in 2102.


As with the other vaults, Vault 63 was sealed shut during the Great War in 2077. Twenty-five years later in 2102, the vault remains sealed.

Vaults 63, 96 and 94 are associated with a team quest in which there is a riot, reactor meltdown or fire outbreak in the vault that must be stopped. Player characters are notified through an emergency radio beacon. However, the names of these quests suggest that they are cut content, so it is unknown if the quest can be started or not, and if so, how. Several quests which are not marked as cut content link to these "cut" quests.


The vault entrance is located inside a small cave, the entrance of which is concealed by a one-room shack. Inside the shack are several junk items. The door across from the entrance opens onto a small balcony with additional junk items, while the door to the left of the entrance leads into the cave. Outside the vault door is a functioning terminal that divulges nothing about the vault's status apart from the fact that it is sealed. A keycard slot next to the terminal accepts the "Vault 63 access ID card." There's also the "Vault 63 resident ID card" and "Vault 63 maintenance ID card." Vault 63 also contains a maintenance terminal, a reactor control terminal, a security office terminal, a "security mission terminal," an "engineering certification terminal," a "fireman certification terminal" and a "military certification terminal."

The engineering, fireman and military certification terminals all contain an option to locate a fireman, engineer or officer respectively. Vault 63's reactor control terminal has an option to cool down the reactor of the vault, taking three minutes to complete. The security office terminal has no text or menu items, and the maintenance terminal gives the player character an option to activate the fire suppression system of Vault 63.

To the left of the metal bridge, there is an emergency management terminal, that imparts the most information about the vault.

Notable lootEdit


Vault 63 appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

The vault number is a reference to the date of West Virginia's admission to the union on June 20th, 1863.


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