The Vault 21 terminal entries are a collection of terminal entries from Vault 21 in Fallout: New Vegas.

Vault 21 Reception terminal / Sarah's terminalEdit

Sarah's mail is found on a very hard terminal in the gift shop, and on an easy terminal in her locked room in the living quarters.


Sarah Weintraub
Vault 21 Hotel and Shop Manager

Sarah Weintraub's MailEdit


Sarah Weintraub's Mail



Messages for Sarah Weintraub

New Message from Sheldon Weintraub.Edit

Hey, lil sis!

How are you holding up? I miss you so much, Sarah! This place makes me want to run back to our home, every single day. I just had to write you so that I could feel a bit warmer. The warehouse's cold air weighs on me as heavily as the concrete that Mr. House dumped in our vault. Damned be his soul!

Yeah, I imagine that you did not expect that outburst from your "cool bro" but I am reaching the end of the corridor, here. Emptiness is my muse - doubt is my only mistress. Everything that once inspired my art slowly drifts back into nothingness, into an unfathomable void where neither I find light nor its radiance searches for the spring of my soul.

Bah, don't I sound pathetic? I do not wish to worry you, lil sis. I just wish that I could be there with you, right now. Perhaps once I find my strength again, once I finish the latest "suggestion" for Mr. House, I'll venture into the Strip and visit you.

My thoughts are with you, hot-headed roadster!


> ... Mail Loaded Successfully.

Our Influential Friends.Edit

Dear Miss Weintraub,

This is Charlene Tann writing to say thank you for the great experience we had at your hotel! I can't wait to tell to my inner circle. As you recall, my husband Biff is a very respected and influential man in our wealthy community.

Ms. Shot, Ingrid Denger and lady Booften will soon come for tea to our estate and I will direct them your way. They will love the quaint and rustic feel of your cramped underground hole - tres chic!

Even Biff still talks about his new favorite ranging garb, "the leather from my Vault 21 suit contains the scent of unwashed ages" he says to all our visitors! But he won't let them try it on for one minute, dear.

With most sincerity,

Ms. Tann


> ... Mail Loaded Successfully.

Sent MailEdit


Sent Messages

Hey, you!Edit

What's shaking, my cool bro!

You'll be happy to know that our vault is packed and coasting along! Even with those legionnaires bad news we still get plenty of NCR squares down here. They are all chirpy and don't appear to mind that Cesar is crusin' for a bruisin' all over the place. Maybe the NCR is stronger than we thought, uh? Don't know... you think we can trust them over Mr. House?

I still feel all clutched over what he did to our home! I mean, yeah it is good that we got to keep part of our vault but I can't shake the thought that one of these days he'll just push me out into the open - once he does not need us any more. I tell you, we should have never accepted his challenge. That shuckster cheated us, I am sure!

Anyway, you've heard all of that before and I just wanted to bring you a smile! Cheer up, buttercup! I miss you!



> ... Mail Loaded Successfully.

Vault 21 guest terminalEdit

The guest room terminals are located in the vault's living quarters. One is in the gift shop.


Welcome to Vault 21

Please Select from the Following Menu Options:



Hotel Service Information:

Diner MenuEdit


Enjoy our Pre-War classic diner with the following meals:


1. Asfartame Sugar Bombs.
- Give the youngins an early boost! -

2. Real Corn Flour Pancakes.
- Would make Monphanto Co. proud! -

3. Savory Iguana Sausages.
- No, we only cook female iguanas! -


1. Mesquite Flavored Cazador Wings.
- Get back at them with spice! -

2. Apple Sauced Gecko Stew.
- So good you'll crawl up the wall! -

3. Creamy Mac&Cheese.
- Your wife will stop asking for clam chowder! -


1. Brahmin Sirloin on Blue Bighorn Cheese.
- Even Gandhi could not sit this one out! -

2. YumYum Deviled Eggs over Pork&Beans.
- Go out tonight with a bang! -

3. Grilled Mantis Claw on Pinyon Nuts.
- Has he been for too long in Gomorrah? -

All meals served from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.


> Enjoy Our Hearty Meals!

Gift CatalogueEdit


Vault 21's Gift Shop offers the finest pre-war merchandise in all New Vegas!

Vault 21 Suits.
- Real leather with real attitude! -

Pre-War Toasters.
- Crunch of yesterday in today's bread! -

Pre-War Books.
- Pleasure of owning what you can't understand! -

Vault 21 Card Decks.
- Stacked with 200 years of good luck! -

|Sensor Modules.
- See them coming a mile away! -

Vault 21 Pool Sets.
- Hustle it like Minnesota Fats! -

Nitrogen Canisters.
- Laugh it all out! -

Pre-War Toy Cars.
- Toys, yes, but these still run! -

Be among the elite few to possess a piece of the past in your bright future!


> A Piece of the Past for Your Future



Vault 21 Guest Services:

- Courtesy Intercom Wake Up Calls -

- Laundry Facilities -

- Guided Tours -

- "Strip" Style Poker Lessons -

- Room Service -

- Network Access -


> Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!

History of Vault 21Edit


History of Vault 21:

Vault 21 - A Paradise of EqualityEdit


Vault 21 has a story unlike any other Nuclear Fallout Shelter - you are about to learn why!

It is common knowledge that some vaults were built and organized with motives that went beyond their function as safeguards of our last great hope: the hope that humanity would survive even the worst catastrophe imaginable - Nuclear War.

Vault 21 was one of these experimental vaults. In the spirit of Las Vegas, our vault was built and organized around gambling!

Everything you will see here follows the idea that humans can coexist and organize their lives based on the principle that skill is the only factor that should tip the blind balance held by Lady Luck.

We embodied the perfect equilibrium between self-reliance and social equality.

Each level of Vault 21 was symmetrical and transparent. Each room looked exactly like the next, and every gambling place was built in plain sight, so that no person would have advantage over another.

Thanks to this, quarrels in our society were solved from an equal starting ground - the best won, just like our American Dream promised so long ago!

After two-hundred years of living in harmony, we finally awoke to the nature of the outside world when Mr. House, in his able wisdom, resurrected our lost city as New Vegas!


> A Story to Be Told

Opening to a New WorldEdit


Seven years ago, Mr. House rebuilt and organized the great city of New Vegas. Vault 21 rests in the middle of The Strip, and it was inevitable that it would become part of the city's bright future. Mr. House contacted our community and offered us to participate in the resurgence of New Vegas.

Most Vault 21 dwellers refused the offer - life was comfortable, safe and fruitful. We had grown so accustomed to the benefits of our isolated society that we could not conceive leaving it behind for an unknown future teetering on a precarious balance. Still, there were some among us who disagreed with the prevailing wisdom.

They challenged, on Mr. House's behalf, each of the vault-levels' representatives that supported continuing our isolation. According to the custom, a game would be set up where the winner would decide the course of the community's future.

A game of blackjack was scheduled and held in this very level of Vault 21. After many hours of grueling struggle, Mr. House's supporters won in an extremely risky, and fateful, gambit. They decided to open up the doors to the outside world.

The rest upheld our system and remained true to their promise to abide by the victor's decision.

After almost two hundred years within Vault 21's halls, we released the seals of the ancient doors. We opened to a new world.


> Our Story is Your Story Now

A Tribute to Mr. HouseEdit


Mr. House, with the help of The Families, had transformed the mostly unharmed ruins of Las Vegas into a paradise. It resembled the city that we remembered thanks to the stories and items that our forefathers told and secured in Vault 21 after The Cataclysm.

We were awe-struck and cautious, at once. Slowly, we left the confines of the vault and settled within New Vegas, aiding in its reconstruction.

Vault 21, a giant complex of functioning machinery, became a great source of materials with which to rebuild New Vegas.

Mr. House stripped the vault and filled its empty husk with concrete - only leaving behind part of the vault's top level. This section is where you now find hospice and where the warmth of our ancient home remains alive for all to enjoy!

We have come to recognize the wisdom of Mr. House in forging a new and brighter future for all generations of New Vegas' inhabitants. Without his leadership, the barren wasteland would have remained uncivilized, savage and brutal for all time.

We sincerely hope that you join us in celebrating the glory of New Vegas and the memory of Vault 21's legacy!


> Meet our Benefactor!

Mail MessagingEdit


Welcome to Vault 21's Network:



Unregistered User.

Network Access Denied.

Pay up and try again. Thank you!


> Keeping You in Touch!



Unregistered User.

Network Access Denied.

Pay up and try again. Thank you!


> Keeping You in Touch!

Vault 21 controlEdit

This terminal is located in the Vault, immediately up the stairs to the right after entering it, then crossing over to the left side in a computer room.

Vault SecurityEdit



Vault Life SupportEdit



Vault Access ControlEdit