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Operations is a branch within the management of Vault 13. It was set to appear in the canceled Fallout film.


Operations seems to have been responsible for the day-to-day running of the vault, and the Assistant Vault Supervisor was responsible for looking after the supplies and the water supply.[2]


There are two known roles within Operations, that of Vault Supervisor and their assistant, a role filled by Hero and his intended in the film.[3] It seems that, like the Police, they answer directly to the elders (as a group).[4]

It is possible that the Vault Police are in the pocket of the Vault Supervisor, and are thus a sub-section of Operations. This is suggested in that the Police are forced to let Hero off,[5] but later do nothing to protect the Overseer, instead presumably siding with the greater majority of the elders and populace.[6]


Operations was to appear in the canceled Fallout film by Interplay Films.


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