Vault 106 terminal entries

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The Vault 106 terminal entries are found in Vault 106.

Hallucination terminals

Shortly after entering the vault, as the Lone Wanderer heads down a hallway to the left of the entrance, the screen will turn blue and the Lone Wanderer will see the player's father (James) in triplicate. In the blue-tinted hallucination, the broken monitors appear to be functional. Activating the terminal accesses one entry, entitled "You Know You Want To..." Selecting it displays the following:


The terminals are white texted,just like the one in Tranquility Lane


Note To Self:
Sit back and enjoy the ride. Why worry? This place seems great. It's about time we kick back, relax and forget about the desolate, hopeless, bleak and blasted wasteland outside. Have we enjoyed a frosty Nuka-Cola yet today? Well, we ought to fix that.

The rest of the computer messages read:


A Note To Me:
This place is great, I think its time to accept the new and embrace this change. Relax.


Another Note To Me:
Come on, don't you like it better here? Breathe deep in the blue. Relax.


Please Read Me:
Seriously, this place has everything we need, enjoy it while we're here.


Fine, Be That Way:
I have nothing more to say to you, we're through here.


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