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Vault 106 is one of the Vault-Tec Vaults located in the Capital Wasteland. It is located southeast of Arefu and directly south of Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast, a bit north of Jury Street Metro Station.


As part of the Vault Experiment, psychoactive drugs were released into the Vault 106 air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed. By 2277, the vault's interior is mostly destroyed, and filled with insane survivors. The psychoactive drugs are still being pumped through the vault's air filtration systems, as evidenced by the player's vision suddenly being shaded blue at the same time that hallucinations appear. Information in the vault's computer terminals reveals that the Overseer knew that the inhabitants of his vault would be fodder for drug testing and he instructed his security personnel to tell those in the vault that everything was fine. At the very end of the vault is a cave-like area, where skeletons and other items are located, including a mini nuke, suggesting some of the vault dwellers may have been trying to blow their way out.

Official Vault-Tec Info (from Computer at the Citadel)
Vault number 106
Started construction March 2064
Ended construction December 2069

95 subjects

12 researchers

Duration 147 months
Computer system Think Machine 2800x
Primary power supply Rok-Solid Brand Geo-Thermal
Secondary power supply General Atomics Nuclear power
Overseer Dr. Albert Leris


When first encountered, the survivor will activate a Stealth Boy. (This is evidenced by the fact that your non-human followers will have a hard time shooting the Survivor as well; if it were a hallucination, only the Lone Wanderer would have difficulty). The Stealth Boy will remain active until the Survivor is killed. The player then has a hallucination in which the Tunnel Snakes (Butch DeLoria, Wally Mack and Paul Hannon) from Vault 101 attempt to kill the player. After the Survivor sustains some damage, the Tunnel Snakes will use Stealth Boys and flee, and the player will see as if in a hallucination (with the purple tint). This will end after killing the survivor. It is worth noting that if the Tunnel Snakes are killed by the Lone Wanderer or if the player uses the Mesmetron on them in the hallucination, they just disappear without leaving a body behind. Both killing them and them fleeing ends the hallucination.

Notable loot

Living quarters

  • The Science bobblehead is located in the living quarters. After you first enter the living quarters (it's a two level room: top level), enter the door on the far left hand side of the room, diagonally across from where you first enter. Proceed to a hallway into a fairly large room (for a vault); this room has 3 windows on each side that look into a subterranean cave. The bobblehead is on a bookshelf against the back wall (3rd shelf)!
  • A copy of Nikola Tesla and You is inside the classroom in the living quarters - the room to your left after you first enter the living quarters area. It's hidden in the bottom wooden box of those stacked on the teacher's desk.

Science lab

  • A book Tumblers Today is on the science lab level. From the entrance, head straight down the corridor and take the stairs to the right. It's the first door on the right after the stairs, in the large room with all the machines. Turn left after entering and head to the back of the room - the book is on top of an overturned machine, near to the window (two bottles of milk are also on top).
  • A mini nuke is in the final room of the science lab area, just past the fight with the Vault 106 survivor.
  • There are two Vault 106 master keys located in the Vault. One can be found next to a functional computer terminal in the northwest corner of a room in the living quarters that is only accessible through the science labs. (You can see the room and the science lab's door through barred windows in the living quarters, but you have to go through a door in a room with a reactor in the labs to get to it.) There is also a hidden key at the bottom of a shelf in the store room, behind the one where you fight the Vault 106 survivor. This key cannot be picked up without using the tcl command and going as close as possible to the key.


  • If you close the vault door while inside, it appears there is no way of leaving as there is no vault door control pad inside. Unless you have a companion. You can tell the companion to part ways and they will open the vault door.
  • You see doubles or triples of your father and Amata in two separate occasions while you are affected by the drug. Butch is also seen as an apparition at one point. Killing the apparitions results in a loss of Karma. If you try to talk to your dad as an apparition, he disappears.
  • Behind a Very Easy difficulty locked door on the Vault 106 entrance floor, a locked terminal with normal leveled difficulty contains a letter sent by the Overseer to Vault 106 Security, falsely stating that the unusual odor or faint taste in the air was due to a slight irregularity in the vault air filtration system and instructing the security personnel to tell concerned residents this same lie.
  • In one of the medical rooms on a table in the Vault 106 entrance level, there is another note under a book, entitled torn out journal entry seems to have been written by one of the dwellers as he was going insane.
  • A poem entitled "scribbles" is found on a table with a monitor on it, near the entrance to the Overseer's office.
  • Right in front of the locked (average) door at the bottom of the living quarters is a note entitled "to anyone who gets this" written by a non-insane vault resident and reads at the end " if you're not affected say the word 'Fanzini' and I'll let you in.". No use of the word seems to exist.
  • Downstairs in the left most room of the male dorms in the living quarters there is a note on the desk entitled "feel the love man" it appears to have been written by one of the insane vault residents.
  • In the room where the "survivor" is, there can often be seen to be a conversation going on in the "survivor" spawning point room. You can listen to it if you remain hidden. Often, the topic of conversation is escape, even though the "Survivor" is talking to an "insane survivor". There is no evidence of their attempts to escape.
  • As you enter the science labs from the lower floor of the living quarters, there is a window into the room on the left. Looking through the window shows the room upside down (the floor is the ceiling and the ceiling is the floor) but going through the door into the room everything is the right way round. This is the only hallucination in the vault that does not turn the screen blue while it runs its course.
  • The Amatas you see in the hallucination don't actually look like Amata.
  • All of the apparitions can be killed for experience.
  • The survivor is classified as a raider and so he talks like a raider yelling, "No one messes with a raider!" and "Come on boys!"
  • The 106 on the vault's door is seemed to be scribbled out. It is unknown what or who caused it.
  • You can wait during the hallucinations.
  • Grenades, if thrown in a hallucination, will explode once the hallucination has ended but the explosion won't be heard where the grenade was thrown, but it will be heard elsewhere.

Computer terminal entries


Vault 106 is mentioned in Fallout Bible 1 and appears in Fallout 3.


  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 The hallucinations of your Dad that appear throughout Vault 106 are always the default Caucasian model, even if you choose a different race for your player character (and thus also for your father).
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 The game sometimes defaults your body (though not the head) model to the default Caucasian model, staying that way until you reload the game.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 At higher levels when attacking the Vault 106 survivor, even though the survivor might be dead, the Tunnel Snakes will literally "float" into the room without the blue hallucination backdrop. Killing them grants experience points.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 If you shoot at Amata she will disappear, but if you kill her with one shot you will receive negative karma and her clones will turn hostile towards you but, upon reaching you, they'll just stand next to you giving you an angry look with their fists up.
  • pcIcon pc ps3Icon ps3 xbox360Icon xbox360 Despite the insane survivor's natural hostility toward the player, dropping a live grenade on them grants bad karma.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 Some hallucinations that are targeted in V.A.T.S. will cause the game to crash if they disappear while V.A.T.S is zooming in or the player is taking out their weapon.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 If you shut the main Vault door (the round one) it will appear as if it is not shut all of the way. Another way to see this is to leave the door open and you will see that it is in fact pulled farther back than the rest of the vault doors in the Capital Wasteland.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 After having killed the Survivor, if the player attacks his/her corpse the blue hallucination tint will appear.


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