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FilmThe following is based on the canceled Fallout movie and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Vaults were set to appear, and play a key role, in the canceled Fallout movie.


There were thirteen mentioned vaults in the Fallout film treatment,[1] but only two were set to appear in the film proper. These two vaults were Vault 13 and Vault 8.

We are introduced to Vault 13 in the very first scene. It is a scaled down replica of Los Angeles complete with climate control. As the film treatment informs us that all the vaults were identical,[2] it is fair to assume that all the South Californian vaults would have been too. This is reinforced by the fact that Hero shows unparalleled knowledge of Vault 13,[3] and this later saves his life in Vault 8.[4]

It is also fair to presume due to the vaults' identical designs that all of them produced the LA Times newspaper.


Vault 13 is revealed to be near Lancaster,[5] and Vault 8 is a two day hike from there.[6] The locations of the other vaults remain unknown throughout the film, as do their numbers.


Two vaults were set to appear in the Fallout movie.


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