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This is a transcript for dialogue with Herman Gomez during Trouble on the Homefront.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 15 It's a shame you've got to go. But you'll do okay out there, I'm sure. {Firm} 1
GREETING Anger 25 Stop right there! I don't know how you got in here, but... Hold on... {Suddenly realizing who he's speaking to and trailing off.} 2
Surprise 50 Wait a minute! It's you! I hardly recognized you with all the dust and grime from out there. {Surprised and a little pleased to see you.} 3
Happy 50 Guess that explains how you got that door open. You've got more experience with it than most everyone down here combined. 4
GREETING Fear 25 I guess you can see how bad things are down here. Sorry, where were we going? 5
GREETING Fear 10 Make it quick. 6
GREETING Fear 25 I heard you were leaving us. That's not really true, is it? 7
GREETING Anger 25 I really shouldn't be seen talking with you, you know. What do you want? 8
GREETING Happy 25 I've gotta say, it's a shame to see you go. I still remember when you turned ten. Who could have guessed how you'd grow up? {A little nostalgic, a little melancholy, and just a little bitter.} 9
The Vault's life support systems have failed. We need to evacuate immediately. Surprise 50 What in the world? This is insane! We've got to get people to safety! But where can we go? 10
Fear 50 Oh my god... There's only one solution, isn't there? Outside. 11
Neutral 50 You're gonna make sure we're okay out there, right? 12
MS16Evacuate2A Just wait for me outside. I'll make sure you're all okay. Happy 25 Oh, thank goodness. We'd never make it out there without you. 13
MS16Evacuate2B You're on your own. Out there in the Wasteland, it's every man for himself. Surprise 50 You're just going to leave us out there? You grew up with us as family, and you're going to leave us to die? 14
Anger 75 Fine! Leave, then! We don't need help from your type. Your father would be ashamed of you! 15
MS16GomezAmataA I mean, I just had a hunch she was in trouble. Sad 25 Maybe. She isn't the only one, that's for sure. 16
Fear 10 Ever since that night, it's been madness down here. Nothing but trouble. 17
MS16GomezAmataB That's a risk I'm willing to take. Sad 25 Technically, this means I'm supposed to report her. To tell the truth, I'm supposed to report you being here, too. 18
Happy 10 But I've been getting mighty forgetful in my old age, you know? We've got more than enough trouble without me adding to it. {Said with a wink - he's not going to turn the player in.} 19
MS16GomezEscort Can you lead me somewhere? Surprise 25 I guess you've had a lot on your mind since you were here last. Where do you want to go? 20
I need you to lead me somewhere. Surprise 25 Where to? 21
MS16GomezLeaving This is too messed up. I'm leaving again. Just pretend I never came back. Sad 25 Well, I can't blame you. I'll change the passwords behind you, and we'll figure out a way to work things out for ourselves. 22
Happy 25 We've made it on our own for this long. I'm sure this'll blow over in time, too. {Trying to appear happy, but really not sure.} 23
Sad 25 Best of luck to you out there, kid. Don't worry about us. 24
MS16GomezStopEscort I can take it from here. Neutral 35 If you want to go on alone, it's your call. 25
Fear 15 Just... don't stir up too much trouble down here, okay? You may be used to the outside, but this is all the world some of us have. 26
Never mind. Surprise 5 Okay, then. {A little confused by the player} 27
MS16GomezToAmata I need to see Amata. Lead me to her. Neutral 10 Okay, follow me. 28
I need to see Amata. Lead me to her. Fear 10 We're already headed there. Just stay quiet and follow me. 29
Actually, could you escort me to Amata? I need to talk to her about all this. Fear 35 <sighs> Okay. Hope no one asks too many questions. 30
Could you escort me to Amata? I need to talk to her about all this. Happy 25 As chance would have it, she was one of the first people to talk about life outside the vault after you left. No surprise; she always did like you. 31
Fear 25 I hope you can talk some sense into her... or maybe the two of you can come up with some other plan? Just be careful about it. 32
MS16GomezToOverseer I think I'd like to have a talk with the Overseer. Take me to him. Neutral 10 Okay, follow me. 33
I think I'd like to have a talk with the Overseer. Take me to him. Fear 35 We're already headed there. Can't you smell the fire and brimstone? {last part said jokingly, like a slightly scared employee might joke about a scary boss.} 34
I think it's time to have a talk with the Overseer. Take me to him. Surprise 35 You sure you know what you're doing? 35
Fear 25 On second thought, maybe I don't want to know. Just follow me. 36
I think I'd like to have a talk with the Overseer. Take me to him. Fear 25 I hope you know what you're doing. I don't think he's going to be happy to see you. 37
Neutral 50 Follow close to me, and I'll escort you down to him. 38
What sort of trouble do you mean? Neutral 25 Let me bring you up to speed. It seems like it's been a mighty long time. 39
Sad 50 The night you and your dad left, everything went crazy. Between the bugs and the confusion, we lost a lot of people. 40
Anger 50 When your dad opened up that gate, he let loose a whole lot of crap, if you'll pardon my language. {A little embarrassed to curse.} 41
What's happened down here since I left? Disgust 50 Everything went crazy, is what happened. Your dad opened that door, bugs started attacking, and people started going crazy. 42
Sad 50 When the smoke cleared, there were a lot of casualties and not many answers. 43
Anger 10 Didn't help that our doctor had just left, either. {A little bit of a resentful edge to the mention of the doctor - Dad.} 44
I always knew something would go wrong down here... Anger 50 It wouldn't have if your father hadn't ruined everything by opening that door! 45
Anger 75 Things were just fine until he decided to take a little walk! Then we had bug attacks, confusion, and chaos! And with no doctor, too! 46
MS16GomezTrouble2A That was never supposed to happen! That was the Overseer's fault! Surprise 25 Really? Well, that would explain a few things, all right. It's a good thing you're here, after all. 47
Neutral 50 After that night, a lot of your friends started thinking, "If it's safe to go outside, why stay down here forever?" 48
Neutral 50 And that's not the sort of thing the Overseer likes to hear. Things have gotten pretty tense. 49
That was the Overseer's fault, and he paid for it that night. Sad 75 He wasn't the only one who didn't make it to morning. It was a horrible, horrible night. 50
Happy 25 Believe it or not, it was Allen Mack who really stepped up in the crisis. Wally's dad really saved some lives, and got named the new Overseer for it. 51
Anger 50 Then, just when some hoped he might open the door for good, he declared martial law and said the place would stay sealed off forever. 52
MS16GomezTrouble2B Dad would be horrified to know all that... if he were still alive. Sad 50 I'm... I'm sorry to hear that. Regardless of how things turned out down here, he was a good friend. I always figured he'd do well outside. 53
Neutral 50 Matter of fact, a lot of folks started thinking he had the right idea. He usually did. So if it was safe out there, why stay down here forever? 54
Anger 50 Well, the Overseer didn't like that one bit, and started cracking down on that sort of thought. Guess he didn't plan on you coming back. 55
Dad would be horrified to know all that... if he were still alive. Sad 50 I'm... I'm sorry to hear that. Regardless of how things turned out down here, he was a good friend. I always figured he'd do well outside. 56
Neutral 50 You're not alone in that, though. In all the chaos, Amata lost her dad, too. Lots of us lost family, to tell the truth. 57
Neutral 50 Now Allen Mack's the Overseer, and he's taking a hard stance against those who want the vault to open again. 58
MS16GomezTrouble2C Yeah, Dad screwed up all of our lives that day, didn't he? Sad 25 To tell the truth, I don't really blame him for all that. I don't know why he left, but I do know he'd never intend for all that to happen. 59
Neutral 50 But when the smoke cleared, other people started thinking about opening the vault permanently. And that didn't go down well with the Overseer. 60
Happy 25 He's been coming down hard on them, and that's where it stands now. At least, until you walked in here. 61
Yeah, Dad screwed up all of our lives that day, didn't he? Sad 25 To tell the truth, I don't really blame him for all that. I don't know why he left, but I do know he'd never intend for all that to happen. 62
Neutral 50 Even so, we lost a lot of people that night, including the Overseer himself. He was replaced by Allen Mack, Wally's dad, and things seemed all right. 63
Sad 25 But some of your friends started talking about opening the vault for good, and he came down hard on them. Things are pretty tense, now. 64
MS16GomezTrouble3A So what now? Sad 25 I probably ought to put you under arrest and take you in to the Overseer, but frankly, I know better than to try that. {emphasis on "supposed", as if he doesn't really agree with it.} 65
Happy 25 Meanwhile, some of your old friends think opening the Vault is a good idea. I bet those rebels would like a word with you. Now, more than ever. 66
Sad 10 Of course, if you want, you can just walk away as if you were never here. Out of respect for your dad, I won't even tell anyone I saw you. 67
MS16GomezTrouble3B Well, let me through. I've got work to do. Sad 25 I can't do that. Not officially, at least. As much as some of the rebels would like to talk with you, the Overseer said you weren't welcome back. 68
Neutral 50 Of course, if you survived whatever's out there, none of us could stop you if you really wanted to cause problems. But I'd prefer if you don't. 69
Sad 25 But out of respect to your dad, I could turn a blind eye. You could slip out and say you were never here - I won't tell a soul. 70
There's only one solution, here. Death, and lots of it. You get to be first! Surprise 75 What? 71
MS16GomezWelcomeA I need to talk with Amata. I got her message. Surprise 25 Amata's message? I don't know what you're talking about, but I'd keep that under your hat, for her sake. 72
Fear 25 She could get in real trouble if people found out she sent you a message. So could I, just for talking with you now. 73
MS16GomezWelcomeB I just thought I'd stop back home for a bit. How's the old Vault? Sad 25 You just thought you'd pop in? Don't take this the wrong way, but you probably ought to just turn around and not come back. {Incredulous} 74
Sad 50 Things... Well, they haven't gone very well since you and your dad left. 75
Sad 25 This isn't the happy vault you grew up in, anymore. There's real trouble. 76
MS16GomezWelcomeC Don't mind me. I'm just here to pick up some stuff I left behind. Anger 50 This isn't some sort of hotel, you know! You don't just come and go as you please. I thought you were raised better than that! 77
Sad 25 Sorry, it's just been pretty rough down here since you and your dad left. 78
Fear 15 There's real trouble brewing, and you don't want to be a part of it. 79
MS16GomezWelcomeD Where the hell is Amata? So help me, if you've hurt her... Surprise 50 Whoa, whoa, whoa! Calm down, there. Amata's not in any danger. 80
Fear 15 I mean, we're all in a sort of a rough patch, but we've weathered worse. 81
Fear 25 But, sorry to say... If you're back, there's going to be trouble with some folks. And if Amata's wrapped up in it, there'll be trouble for her, too. 82
MS16GoodbyeForever I can't solve your problems for you. You're on your own. Sad 25 And here I was hoping you'd be able to help. Well, I hope you have better luck outside. 83
Sad 10 I'm sure we'll find a way to make it through down here on our own. 84
I still don't get what's going on. Anger 10 Okay, let's try this slowly. When you and your daddy left, there were problems. Those problems were bad. {As if talking to a child.} 85
Neutral 50 Amata and some others said we should try opening the door and going outside more. The Overseer said that was bad, too, and he got angry. {As if talking to a child.} 86
Anger 25 Now, just about everyone's angry down here. And things are still bad. Really bad. 87
MS16NewOverseer So, who's the Overseer now? Sad 25 That'd be Allen Mack. You remember, Wally's dad. 88
Happy 10 He was something else when those fires started burning. In fact, if it weren't for him, we'd have lost a lot more than we did. {A little choked up by the thought} 89
Fear 10 Afterwards, well, he seemed like a natural for the job of Overseer. He's tough, but I guess we could probably use that right about now. {Has some reservations about whether or not he's doing a good job, but not comfortable with speaking ill of the man} 90
MS16NotLeaving On second thought, I'm not leaving this place to its fate. Neutral 50 That's good to hear, kid. I'll do what I can to keep the door unlocked for you, but the rest is up to you. 91
MS16WhyNotLeave Wait, why don't the rebels just leave? Sad 50 It's not that they want to leave. It's that they want to open the door and interact with the rest of the world. But that would risk the whole Vault. {A little wary about the plan.} 92
SpeechChallengeFailure Just report in that I'm here for one last visit. I'm sure security won't mind. Sad 25 You may think Vault security is just bunch of chubby guys in padded helmets, but I promise you, most of them aren't as friendly as you remember. 93
It wasn't a message from her. I just had a hunch she was in trouble. <Lie> Sad 25 Don't worry about it; I won't tell the Overseer if you won't. To tell the truth, I'm glad she did. 94
Happy 25 Heck, maybe you can even put all this trouble to rest once and for all. {A little hopeful.} 95

Conversation Edit

GOODBYE I'll go see what I can do about all of this. Fear 25 Well, okay. Just be careful down here. The Vault's changed, I tell you. 96
I have to go now. Fear 25 He's not listening to me. But there's someone else who might be able to convince him. We'll see. 97
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Nothing new, sir. 98
HELLO Neutral 50 Sir, people are mostly staying quiet. 99
MS16AtriumSceneGomez MS16AtriumSceneGomez Fear 50 Uh oh. Wait here. This doesn't look good. 100
MS16AtriumSceneGomez2 MS16AtriumSceneGomez2 Anger 50 Taylor, stop shooting, damnit! {Furious and terrified that his friend is shooting at his son.} 101
MS16GomezAtAmata MS16GomezAtAmata Fear 10 Amata's up there, in the clinic with the rest of them. I'd take you closer, but they don't get along with security. Good luck. {Worried, but well-meaning} 102
MS16GomezAtOverseer MS16GomezAtOverseer Fear 25 Visitor, sir. He wanted to see you, and... well, there's not much I could do to stop him. {Very worried - is sure that something very bad is about to go down.} 103
MS16GomezAtOverseer Fear 25 Visitor, sir. She wanted to see you, and... well, there's not much I could do to stop her. {Very worried - is sure that something very bad is about to go down.} 104

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