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Icon cut contentThe following is based on developer test content cut from Fallout 3 and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

The Vault101Demo (named Vault 101 on the local map) is a test cell in the game files of Fallout 3.


The cell is a demo version of Vault 101. The player character is spawned in a separate room, and the console must be used to explore the whole area. Some of the rooms are incomplete. The only inhabitant is a barely interactive Mister Handy. There is also a copy of Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor in the equivalent of James's office, along with a large pile of pre-War books. Since the book was placed here, whoever was responsible for allocating skill books to the game world only added 24 copies of the book to areas accessible in-game. They may have mistaken the Vault101Demo with the accessible Vault 101.


The Vault101Demo appears in the game files of Fallout 3 but should not be considered canon because it is a test cell.


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