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The Vault-Tec water pump is a world object in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.


A large water pump developed by Vault-Tec to provide water for Vault 88, behaving much like a normal water purifier. Despite functional similarities, it is significantly larger and requires 20 units of power to function, compared to 2 and 5 for the buildable purifiers. In return, though, it provides 100 units of water, much more than the 10 and 40 offered by its smaller brethren.

However, unlike other purifiers, the Vault-Tec water pump cannot be built, moved, scrapped or stored. It can only be found on the east sector of Vault 88.

The generator in addition generates 64 purified water (the most of any water pump) that it stores in the workshop as per usual rules for generating purified water.

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